Hearing the news of my daughter-in-law was first-time, Mr. Tu ran a circuit from Thu Duc to Saigon for a hospital from Tu Du. Because he was so excited, he still left the set with the words Grab behind his back straight to the hospital. The provision of the car was finished and he read the message of his son to find a new biblical daughter room. Just entering the room, I saw si sui sui gia's home there

. Seeing Mr. Sui Tam came in, Sui Sui girl stood up to work hard, but she saw the shape of Sui Sui boys not very clean, so it was slightly paused. Mr
Tu saw that hurriedly wiped his arms with the windbreaker and shook his hand's hand. He saw such an English form, so he ignored, Mr. Tu withdrew his hand to feel sad. Some questions are troubled to break the quiet atmosphere: - Ms. Sui Sui I have a lot of hours? - Then I'm late at night, why don't you see the whole guy? - Road coming, it texted me right away sister .- I am sure you are here, my husband and I ask for my daughter and grandchildren to go home to take a resort for me to take care of me. - That's good too. I thank you so much sister. - Well, it's full of money if you are free to visit the party. - I let me get right to come to you
- I should have been held at the same time. That side was so cramped so I did it over to my house, I made it harder. Now I am a silent girl now, I will now speak up: - Mr. Sui, what later is studying or eating your grandchildren just let me worry .- I said what I heard it, but I didn't have to worry about me a little bit. - No need, I'll buy it the piano to let it learn later. Looking back at the form of your body, the body should be silent, I don't know what the sui girl said, just as his son entered. He nodded his wife's parents and held his hand to pull out the door: - Heaven, why don't you change? - Because of her father too, I know and I can go to my wife and children. If you are not happy, Mr. Tu saw it, so it foxed from: - Let's ask for a sister sister to see me here, I came to see my daughter-in-law and grandson who was rounded by my mother, I was very happy. He walked out without anyone who was taken away, his son worriedly hugged the child who didn't look at him, his heart was unable to describe. Red eyes Hoe, his tears were insulted. Poverty is a crime ??? Listen to the cry of the baby - the baby's birthday is born, his son hugged it into kissing kissing. At that time, the feeling of sacred feeling of spiritual rise. He thought of his father and she was mistakenly greeting everyone to leave without anyone who was taken away. It felt sorry, taking me to my wife and it stopped running out. At the parking ground when Mr. Tu has taken the car out of the gate, his son from the hospital ran out to hug him in a choked voice: - I apologize to me ... I'm wrong ... I promise to bring my wife I go to my house three !!! Two father and son hugged each other in the sunshine in the field of hospital. According to the village of the village

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