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Virgil Abloh - the symbol of the fashion industry - has died at age 41. His life was the inspiration for generations of black designers followed the departure of Virgil theo.Su Abloh leave much sadness for those who do fashion. He lost at the age of 41 because of cancer. Abloh career was quickly promoted thanks to talent and instructions from the mother

. Nevertheless, short life of this genius makes skin color fashion world nuối tiec.Huyen ngangAbloh hand phone made history as Louis Vuitton became the first artistic director of the brand in 2018. Despite rising to the such high service of Louis Vuitton, this designer has not been trained
He is the horizontal arm with knowledge cultivated after many years, starting from the mother employed workers is may.Abloh horizontal hand made history when becoming the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Photo: Daily Mail Daily Mail.Theo, designer born in 1980, lived with her mother (Ghanaian immigrants) in Rockford, Illinois (USA) and brother Nee name (Director of paint). The first knowledge about fashion Abloh are taught by mother. Even so, as a child, he only knew the basic sewing techniques and not really much passion for the trang.Nam 1998, Abloh school graduation. When deciding universities, designers chose Wisconsin-Madison with a major in civil engineering, not fashion. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in tay.Sau then, his career has followed the direction unrelated to fashion
In 2006, Abloh completed the master's program in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology (USA). However, this time, the late designer started to pay attention to the industry time to Abloh trang.Co coast when a building on campus is being built by the Dutch architects - Rem Koolhaas. This is also the creator of the runway for the workout Prada.Anh was also designed T-shirts and fashion blog wrote for The Brilliance while studying Masters si.Thuc set in FendiNam 2009 marks the meeting between rapper Kanye Abloh and West when they practice together at Fendi. Both have jointly stepped up to the peak of the fashion industry for many years afterwards. However, it is difficult to imagine the duo had to work and receive a mere 500 USD / month (this time, Kanye West also has owned many honors Grammy). "Is Kanye West and Virgil Abloh have reached climax as now without time internship at Fendi? very likely. However, it is interesting to imagine they had to work from 9am to 17 pm with a salary of 500 USD the early days of keen affinity with fashion ", Fabian's Gorsler luan.Abloh sheet Highsnobiety average time spent at Fendi practice before reaching the pinnacle. Photo: Daily Mail.Theo Gorsler, as of 2009, both the young man yearning for knowledge about fashion. They decided to register to practice for the famous fashion house Fendi and get done. However, there is no privilege for both. They are treated like any other normal trainee. "Every day at work, I walk to Fendi and drink cappuccino," West tells the real time tap.Thoi their working hours beginning at 9 and the finish at 17h. Both also have coffee for the manager, jobs such as photocopying ... They received a salary of 500 USD / month - equivalent to other young trainees. "It's funny when people think the scene as Abloh or West to go run errands and coffee with a salary of 500 USD ", criticized Highsnobiety.Michael sheet Burke, CEO of Fendi time, recalled:" I am impressed with the way out of both. From time Abloh point still a trainee, I was always watching his career ".Abloh and West each proposed development jogger pants leather products. However, the idea of two trainee got the Fendi dismissed. By 2013, the jogger skin became fashion trends appear across the road and West are pho.Bo double Abloh achieve success while engaging in the fashion industry. Photo: People.Nhin general practice time does not bring too much to the West or Abloh. Southern rapper each share of this period: "Most of us did not do anything. Good also get access cards. We do not know sewing really like. Most of all use photoshop but never see map truth be worked out. Abloh probably the fastest photoshop artists I have ever seen ".But phaNam 2010, West Abloh be appointed creative director for Donda. In addition, he also designed the album cover Ye's yeezus and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.Duyen meeting and the collaboration with the West then gave the names Abloh become the most sought after fashion world. By 2012, the American designer brand first launched, named Pyrex Vision. It brings costumes culture towards gender tre.Tuy course, Abloh actively closed Pyrex Vision then not wanting to turn it into commercial enterprises. He said Pyrex Vision just experienced pilot project Comfort

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