Fear Of Covid-19, Indonesia And Taiwan Please Postpone Off

The number of cases and the number of people died by Covid-19 Delta in Indonesia and Taiwan is very serious.02: 00/0: 55 Nou southern region is Indonesian and Taiwan Recommended AFC for postponing two legs and About Play-off Asian Cup. However, AFC has not been able to assign the day after agreeing to postpone. According to the old schedule of Play Off Indonesia Follow Taiwan on September 7, Taiwan futures in September 12. However, the situation of diseases diseases unpredictable complexity, both agreed to propose to AFC and accepted

. Tuy Cambodia to Bahrain met Guam two matches on 9 and 12-10. Photo: Getty in then the PLAY OFF between Cambodia and Guam, AFC conducted concentrated stone in Bahrain, specifically at Khalifa yard. The first leg took place on 9-10, turn on October 12
Before the Asian Cup qualifier has two pairs of play off, AFC identifies two final win teams to draw tables and schedule ASIAN Cup qualifiers 2023 Take place in June in China.

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