Fear Of New Transformations, Eu Welcome To Welcome Guests From South Africa

The EU proposes to stop traveling by air with the southern region of Africa due to the new transformation of NCOV. Up to now, Britain, Germany, Itaiy, Israel and Singapore have a similar step. The European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen said "will work closely with member countries to pause flights From the southern area of Africa due to the concern about the new strain ". This race takes place a day after the European Union (EU) modifies the rules to facilitate travel in and out of blocks , with the proposal to increase the effect time of vaccination to 9 months, Bloomberg reported. Guests at Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town, South Africa, on March 31

. Photo: Bloomberg.anh, one of the first countries to pay back to travel after being reported about the new strain, will bring six African countries to the red list from November 28, and request guests Travel must be isolated in the hotel. The Minister of Medical British Sajid Javid said limited regulations will take effect to start at noon on November 26
This is a precaution to limit the spread of the new strain. In the meantime, the German regulation on stopping guests from the southern Africa region will be effective from the evening of November 26 (local time) According to AFP.Helge Braun, Chief of the Prime Minister's Office, supporting the suspension of traveling between the whole block with the area is causing concerns about the new strain. Scientists are trying to identify new strains, B.1.1529, the ability to infect or fatal higher than previous strains or not. However, they claim that B.1.1529 has the most mutation among the identified strains so far . That raises concerns for the southern African region and other countries around the world
The authorities are concerned with a new wave of translations that can increase the pressure on the medical systems that have overloaded. The new limited measures are also a strong blow into the recovery of the aviation industry, capital only Beginner after the previous travel restrictions. Linh Linh

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