Features That Apple Never Want You To Know

Have you ever recorded videos on iPhone and have background music available? If you're wondering, see this article. Apple's power so far is always making users unexpected about the hidden features they never announced at the premiots. In which there is a feature that will definitely make you unexpectedly, just turning the video and turning on the music on iPhoneNhe seemingly absurd because almost we can't just turn the video and turn on the music right? So this article will help you make the feature that Apple has hidden you for a long time. The video has just been able to record a background music on iPhonEm 1: Go to any music player and choose a track to Listen. Water 2: Extremely simple, you will go to the MachCamera of the machine and select the photography feature

. Then keep the shutter and drag button to the right to make a video recording Note: In this step if you dragged to the video to lose music, turn on the music and do it again, sometimes the system will not receive. Now go to the photo gallery to check if your video has the background music you are playing or not. This is an extremely interesting feature, you can just shoot videos and background music
This feature appears on iOS 14 and coming on iOS 15 version, will definitely have many new tricks. Let's wait!

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