Fecebook Love Story

There is a true story that I have heard, told and confided by a daily friend's daily. I kept thinking beautiful love only in the dream but it happened in the middle of life. The middle of the society was full of attempts and Bon Chen had such bright love. And I always think they are the perfect piece of each other. But perhaps at the end of the road they may be lost

... Why? Perhaps if they write together the last life, that love can be said to be satisfied with the illustration
, Beautiful salty and very confident with stable work. But she is a loss of love about love. Therefore, even if a lot of boys pursued but she was still "defensive". And the boy - according to her lefty, his guy was very kind, bravery, successful. If they come together, it must be a pair of folks such as folks who often say: Sisters talented. They know each other on a reputable website with the connection of people with the countryside. At that time she was invited to the group and the airborne must have shown to greet the relative. He is a positive member of the group and is on the other half of the earth bridge ..
then they make friends very accidentally. She was innocent, impartially like grass flowers but so that strangers to make friends with her is not easy ... but they - two strangers have known each other (although the same country but two people are two generations and stay Since each other is not familiar with). The feeling of them every day is growing. Every day the boy texted, talking anytime at any time. Before going to work or working on that guy also greeted her feelings and dear. Through a while she agreed to let the electric boy core. For the first time the boy had electric facetime two people saw each other. According to her words, the two were very happy to have a happy part of each other's images. She was conducted with humans and a very young voice compared to his age. And he was surprised with her face because the boy said: "I'm more beautiful in the picture very much". Such like the love grew over time, they shared everything in life. From work to problems. Because I said, she was quite intelligent to handle in many problems with problems. The boy who has experienced a lot of life. They talked very well, which could tell them to support each other and was the most perfect piece I knew. They sing for each other when they can, the boy shows his love with poetry A self-composed. The boy appointed the last day to meet her. They are real people, real work, everything is not hidden. It's just not to meet with the real life. Real life is to joke about them when it's like they like they are coming together, the boy has a trouble in business, and then then Corona was born (she was born Not knowing that boy had a solid economy that she agreed to love unconditional boys. Because in her life, she also knows enough and stable). On this hemispheric side is always worried about the boy's danger. Every day she comforted, encouraged and was called a spiritual place for that guy to overcome the most crisis stage. Just every day is seen the message line, or the boy's sentence is so satisfied - because he was in the center of epidemic and the loss was not small in the business. Trust that guy overcome and do well. That's right. Their love loves on a big one, she sent the biggest love guy. The boy once said: Remembering that she wants to "crazy", he several times to find a way to fly right away to see her ... but how to get back when Corona stopped the way, the route Don't open it ??? He really knows challenge his heart. On the temporary side of the boy, she became a mind of epidemic. It is possible to wait for a long time and perhaps at this time whether their love is big, it has made the guy lice. I didn't have no scene where he was interested in her. Telephone calls or messages have become a day ... inside it is the reason: He has too much work so busy don't have time. She was sad but put in her heart and always thought: their love is not big enough for boys to overcome challenges. She was no longer worried with a boy like before and perhaps that guy had no longer let her silhouette in my heart like the poems writing her own .... were outswear but I thought That she still loved him, but perhaps she felt the change of the guy so she chose to silence IM. While she was in the center of epidemic, struggling with the survival, every day watching the number of diseases increased, he was indifferent. There are a few sentences for rearing. The injury was not light when she was with everyone trying to fight against

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