Feeding Slash And Less Infected, Farmers In Tt-hue ‘sat Cool To Eat Golden Bowls’

With the successful development of sundry farming model is three three with a large scale, some farmers in Thua Thien Hue province (TT-Hue) from the difficult life have quickly changed their life with income Hundreds of millions of VND per year. Vinh Xuan commune (Phu Vang district, TT-Hue province), mentioning Mr. Vo's name, no one is unknown. The choice (residing in Xuan Thien village) is famous for being the first in Phu Vang district successfully developed a large-scale three-scale farming model. Currently he is raising 7 tanks three three with more than 1,000 children, of which 250-300 mothers raised their breeds

. Three-species of slash - bringing high income of his family in Vinh Xuan commune, Phu Vang district, TT-Hue province. Photo: Van Hoa. The choice of sharing: "I raise three three to now have nearly 15 years
I learn how to raise from a friend in Dak Lak, after raising the test successfully, I expand the model. Time The time ago I raised 18 tanks with more than 2,000 children, now because the garden area narrowed, the farming scale was reduced to a lot of ". The choice said that three three are a slash, healthy, low-cost food squirrel. The three-three food is usually fish, snails, vegetables, industrial powders ... During farming, it is necessary to ensure clean water sources, in the tanks to plant the West to heat the heat for three three. If you feed a lot of powdered food, it is necessary to change the water in the lake every 10 days so that the three three are not sick. He chooses, so that the source of contaminated pullat water will cause three three-skin diseases like skin, Ancient swelling, red eyes .
. If water changes in time, it will prevent these diseases. When three three are treated by mushrooms that can be treated by drying the skin for the animal then taking purple pills on the wound several times they will leave. The number of three three in a tank also needs to be moderate so that they don't bite each other. "To increase economic results, I built the incubation and nursery breeds. Every three parents will lay from 10-15 eggs , On average, every year between 3-4 times. Three three children after being sufficient enough weight will be rushed to private lakes to raise meat, "he said. Sand is designed by Mr. Vo designed in the Lake The incident for three eggs - Photo: Van Hoa. Three three incubation techniques, he said, "Average 7-10 days three three will finish a batch of eggs, after that time will dig eggs In the particular chamber. The incubator is lined with a layer of sand in the bottom, ranked eggs and continuing to fill a layer of 4-5 stool shoes ... ". According to him, in the process of hatching every morning need Spray surface water to provide moisture for sand. In the middle of the hamlet placing a bowl of water, after three three children will be crawled into the water, it is convenient for arresting to breed ... he chooses, time to be able to sell a bag of three ordinary meat As a year, each child has a weight of 2.5-3kg, price is 300-350,000 VND / kg. If raising will give high income to the level of "one capital of four words". In addition to hundreds of millions of dongs per year from three three, he will take advantage of the area of the tanks and excessive food sources of three to raise more Some species such as perch, snakehead fish, catfish, eel ... These fish species have just helped clean water in the tanks and is a source of food supplied to the market. Thanks to the process of raising and taking care of three three days Time and effort so he told many other jobs to increase income for the family. The family of life Mr. Phan Ba Luong became quite fake since raising three three. Photo: Van Hoa. Dong Phan Ba Luong (67 years old, residing in the village of Vinh Thanh commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province) also eaten by three three-year farming models. 7 Ba Tra tanks, of which 2 tanks for seed farming, the remaining 5 tanks raise three three meat. Palmanded: "Notice three three easy to raise for high income so 4 brothers built tanks with numbers The amount of thousands of children. Currently my farm is sold every year to market thousands of three three meat tips on the revenue of hundreds of millions of VND ". According to Mr. Luong, before raising three three, he used to raise frogs, eels, Eels but the farming of these species understands not as high as three three. The output of three three is now very easy, because the three-favorite meat is favored by many restaurants. Although only sold in the province, there are many times when his farm is not enough three three to provide the market. According to Van Hoa (Dan Viet)

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