Feel The Taste Of Love

That's how many people talk about the moon cake season this year, when many businesses despite hundreds of hardness to remain 'hot oven' during this season. And with Dai Phat company, every cake not only sends love but is also a blessing and hope of a peaceful life, lucky ahead. Very good moon cake brands announcing to stop production in the commercial season, Dai Phat Company still decided to produce cakes despite many difficulties such as supply chain faults, causing difficulties input; Labor deficiency during the translation season or distribution channel to customers face many obstacles ..

. talking about this determination, according to Mr. Hua Ngoc Lam, the company's general director said, due to understanding the spiritual value of Tet Mid-autumn and desire of everyone, so despite being in a long time to stretch with many difficulties and pressure, the decision company continues to produce. And most importantly, according to Mr
Hua Ngoc Lam However, through its quality products, Dai Phat wants to help people with moon boxes to show respect, sending blessings to loved ones as well as customers and partners. It is the way to heat the hearts, light the beliefs in the difficult days of seasoning. Now, the topic of the glazed cake is chosen as "Reaching Phuong Hoang, An Khang Hoa Hop". Phoenix is an image that represents prosperity and immortality. Using the phoenix image, according to Mr. Hua Ngoc Lam, Dai Phat wants to send the message, wish everyone every home and energy to overcome all difficulties ahead and welcome a new bright tomorrow Phuong Hoang Tairy Flying is high. More than 20 years of formation and development, Dai Phat Company constantly researches and innovates both in cake flavors. In the spirit of maintaining traditional flavors and long-standing culture, the company has always improved, advanced machinery and technology applications to produce new and delicious cakes, suitable for many guests Goods, helping the Dai Phat keep the large number of customers attached for many years. Especially, the investment in the product model is always set up first. Starting from the perspective, the Mid-Autumn Festival must have a perfect combination of a new boxing box and a delicious delicious cake to increase the value of the recipient
Therefore, this year Dai Phat focuses on key products that are luxurious boxes, bringing positive messages, which will be a meaningful gift for you to give to your loved ones. was associated with the minds of many people. It was also a childhood memory of the family with a warm dress, a sweet and sweet moon cake with the same family together. Mid-Autumn Festival this year Many people will probably be difficult to get like every year but the Mid-Autumn Moon Cake is still there, the warmth of the lilder doesn't make the children away from their home. The company will ship after 5 days to receive orders. The company will try to deliver goods earlier when the delivery conditions permit) - Orders over 1 million VND, are free ship. However 1 order only delivered to 2 locations for 1 guest, delivering more locations than ships in each area - Dai Phat will regularly update, looking for the best delivery methods, to when conditions Delivery is allowed to be more favorable to deliver full delivery to customers.PV

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