Feeling Someone Standing Next To The Bed While Sleeping, The Woman Stunned When Watching The Camera

The woman always feels someone standing next to the bed when he was sleeping at night, but because she slept mesmerited, she couldn't sit up checking in: 00/1: 42 nam nam, a sub-person Female in Vu Ho, Anhui Province shared on social networks that turned the scene she was sleeping at night. The video quickly attracted attention and became the theme to discuss public opinion. The woman said that in recent times, she always felt someone standing next to the bed when she was sleeping at night . However, due to sleepy sleep, she could not sit up to check it out. Going to the morning was too busy so she also forgot this

. One day, remembering the ball standing by the bed, the new woman turned on the surveillance camera to check, learn the incident. When looking at the monitoring camera screen, the woman was extremely stunned by the true Someone stood next to her bed at night. This person headed her tangled hair, standing motionless in the bed, looking at her sleeping
There are real people standing next to the woman's bed when she is sleeping. But, when I look closely, the woman discovered That is my big daughter. It turned out, recently she gave her daughter to sleep separately. Because she was unfamiliar, she was hard to sleep at night but didn't dare to tell her mother. Unexpectedly, until midnight she sneaked to her mother's room, silently standing on the bed. Netizens also cried badly when they heard this and many people said the point of view as well as sharing his story . Some people commented: "It turned out I was not the only one who met this, once my son also stood next to my bed like this," "Poor girl, this age has given himself separately. Parents should not leave it because this may cause children to have an insecurity, anxiety and poor sleep and be sick, "" parents should communicate with children more, otherwise they will affect the psychology Children's. Don't think this is good and cough ".

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