Female Ceo Enthusiastically Study Cordyceps

With knowledge of available agriculture and scientific studies for many years of finding, Ms. Tran Thi Thong (1974) decided to plan a mushroom production to help the people of Tien Giang home have more income, Contributing to promoting the local economy 9: 00/5: 13 Nameceo in Tran Thi Thien - Deputy Director of Dao Thao Thao Thao ANSAY Company Limited Leaning scientific research Tran Thi is always born and raised in a region Net rural countryside of Go Cong Tay district, Tien Giang province. Since I was a student, then became a student, she always admired cultural and historical celebrities or scientists with great contributions to society. In imagination, Tran Thi always wishes to do something valuable for his homeland, country. With knowledge of agriculture, she decided to plan a mushroom production to help people People have more income after graduating from University of Agriculture and Forestry Ho Chi Minh City, she started working and colliding with life, she realized great achievements collected from small things

. Since then, she has been more practical thinking, starting to work hard, learning to add knowledge, accumulating experiences to do well the job. After four years working in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Tran Thi always gradually Can things I can do in accordance with the agricultural economy
Also at that time the livestock industry of the people of his country had trouble, she realized it was when he needed to stick and contribute to his hometown. With knowledge of agriculture, she decided to plan a mushroom production to help people get more income. In the process of exploring, learning, approaching scientific techniques increasingly growing, she realized that cordyceps are a very precious medicinal mushroom that has been cultivating artificially successfully closed . And like a strange attraction, cordyceps came to her since then. The company's craft cordyney mushroom products always "Cordyceps from the past have been known to be a healthy medicine for health People but extremely rare, so the use of cordyceps for the average income is unbelievable, derived from finding a graval cordyceps for diseases to be too expensive and difficult to find products Having a clear origin, I have had the idea of growing downstream cordyceps in my local ", she always shared. With the support of varieties, research materials of teachers at university Plus the experience of accumulating abalone mushroom production before, she always has many advantages when embarking on the study. However, in the experimental process, she spent a lot of time, effort, costs due to multiple adjustments to the culture elements and the parameters of input materials to create finished products Quality as desired. She plunged into researching research from domestic and foreign resources, technology applications 4.0 in the field of biotechnology, determined to produce for the period of this quarter. With determination and persistence of patience, happiness surges when she holds a pharmaceutical test in hand and confidently control the process of cultivating cordyceps
The achievement of Tran Thi is always happy In the pleasure of flooding when receiving praise on products, good products, quality and solving local leisure work. However, to find a stable output for fresh mushroom products, this highly required storage, transportation required is a problem. She has always established Cordy Thao Thien Thao Co., Ltd with the mission to create brands for products and process post-harvest products from cordyceps. The company steps through the field of processing and application of achievement of food technology and product lines such as cordyceps, cordyceps, cordyceps, cordyneys Lower ... Her company has stepped through the field of processing and application of achievement of food technology development in the current, cordyceps products produced by Thien An Company have been the service center Analysis of Ho Chi Minh City Experiments (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology) Certification of judgment of Ly, Chemistry and Microbiology. Selling much lower than some products of the same type in the market, she always said: "Due to the cost of investment costs, the use of plant culture is available, which has helped the company reduce it desirable Include production price. In addition, due to the mushroom culture process in sterile conditions and strictly monitored, matter and culture breeds have a high success rate , Quality of products is quite uniform to reduce production costs. Thien An has been honored to receive Certified OCOP products of Tien Giang province. This is a joy, great encouragement and also the motivation source to promote to Thien an increasingly growing. Currently Thien An revenue is about 6 billion / year and creating jobs for about 100 employees ". Currently, Thien Company

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