Female Director 8x Breeding ‘queen Of Flowers’ Poisonous, Strange Between Saigon

Passionate to the lines of poison, strange, the past two years Ms. Lieu Thi Kim Phuong (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) has taken into the future, looking for new and strange Dendro Lan Lan. Currently, Ms Phoenix has Lan Lan in the country in the country without 200: 00/3: 44 South Southern to serve the passion for toxic, strange orchids, Ms. Phuong invested in Lab tissue, garden Post plants and large gardens. Liaoning Kim Phuong (Ho Chi Minh City) in Lab tissue transplants

. Photo. Tran is worthy, uncommitted orchids have not yet named the orchids of Phuong Ms. Phuong Tung to seek the difference as Lan Dendro
Wet me meet me, Phuong Phuong shows off the result of 2 years of finding the difference is in hand This type of flowers dendro is enough to be poisonous and strange. The new Lan Dendro Lan Dendro Ms. Phuong has not yet named yet. Thailand's orchid industry. The phoenix said, after the Thai tour, when he returned, she decided to redirect to the way to breed and produce Dendro orchids. And strange not yet named Ms. Phuong. Photo. Tran Rich. "I choose to follow the breeding road, creating new Dendro orchids, for Vietnam orchids market by pollination method, sowing", Ms
Phuong Quan. Opening Lab Lab with Crane Lan, but when I embarked on Lan Dendro, Phuong met a lot of difficulty and risks. "I went through a lot of difficulties and obstacles from the structures, to the farming environment Inoculate, how to make buds, choose shoots, how to take a tree, take care of, manage the garden ... ", Ms. Phuong shared. After many times breeding failed, Ms Phuong was also found a hybrid method, Cotton face as a mother, father. Finally 2020, Phuong Ms. Phuong has the first sowing seedlings that she has breeded. This first hybrid varieties have been grown in Post Garden and some Malaysia Created already on the face of the fortune-to-theft, the collection of a garden of Phuong Phuong has more than 200 types of cotton faces, such as: Dendro color, Dendro sunshine, Dendro Lightning ... Ms. Phuong said, is doing procedures to register Permissions for flowers My new Lan created. Photo. Tran Next. The next step is that the phoenix will plant the post trees for cotton liches, choose beautiful and strange cotton faces, to continue the breeding work after at least 5-7 life. Register Copyright of these LAN varieties in the international arena.Nghe I asked, why not transplant peaks, doing hot breeds in the market or making spread mutations? ... Phuong Laughing happily: "I like to seek new Strange, creative. I want to market Vietnamese orchids with separate cotton sites. This is not merely economic targets. Basic, when introducing, sharing new, strange flowers, she also takes quite soft prices to the orchid garden, players, collectible collection Ever received, the Phoenix was wholesaling and retailing the plants post orchids Denrdo. Many players spreading toxic, strangely bought a breed of Lai's orchids. Photo. Tran Dang. If buying wholesale every 100 trees, each dendro orchid tree is 8,000 VND; Buy 1,000 trees with price of VND 7,500 / tree for all flower codes. If you buy retail, every color denbro tree is 8,000 VND, Denbro sun is 10,000 VND / tree and black flashing is 20,000 VND / tree. "When selling orchids I have after-sales, warranty. In the process of planting, if the same problem I will compensate, "Ms. Phuong affirmed. Also according to the phoenix, because the market of orchids has been degraded, so many garden houses planted flowers Lan is moving to planting Lan Dendro. The plan to plant orchids of Ms. Phuong. Photo. Tran is worthy. "Many people have purchased Lan Dendro I breeded in planting. Some people ask for gardening counseling," said Ms. Phuong, Ms. Phuong is the Director of Agricultural Cooperative Garden Lan Viet (TP , Ho Chi Minh City). According to Tran Ray (Dan Viet)

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