Female Farmers Are Good

Thanks to being difficult to learn, combine the production of many suitable crops, only with humble gardens, Ms. Pham Thi Kiem (living in Hoa Loi hamlet, Phu Hiep commune, Phu Tan district, An Giang province) has source of income stability. From the efficiency of producing a variety of crops and vegetables, she earned a commune farmers' association to choose one of the excellent manufacturing and business farmers in 2021. Family Pham Thi Kiem has 3,000m2 of production land, Long time invested in planting fruit trees, mainly grapefruit and lemon trees. Seeing crop yields are not high, limited outputs, she is very confvy and spends time researching, looking for other crops to replace

. Initially, some short crops, Ms. earned a careful model of asparagus planting and transferred 700m2 to test. The remaining area is divided into a small type of cultivation: Thien Ly, sugarcane, seedless lemon, banana and vegetables
The sword said, thanks to diverse cultivation, helping the family get continuous revenue and "taken Short farming is "effective. Most crops are almost large, healthy because of the fast harvest cycle, very little harmful disease. Every day, only the harvest of Hoa Thien Ly and vegetables, fruits have brought the source of income of about VND 300,000. "Previously, I chose grapefruit and lemon garden to grow as a key crop, with tree expectations Eating fruits for a long time will give high profits, long-term mining. However, the economic efficiency of these two plants is not as high as expected. I changed gradually short-term crops and boldly tested a new variety and found higher efficiency. So, I have been repeatedly expanded to develop this model "- Ms. Hàm Sàm Share. Planting a variety of crops, vegetables that bring effective economic performance when achieving this success, many sentences Ask it to make her swords often mind: What tree planting, what to raise, how to care, how to harvest, economic efficiency? There are no conditions to access book sources, technical tutoring guidelines, YouTube channels become her "teacher" in the time to explore new production models. Test each crop, she referred a lot source, provided with support seeds to get acquainted with the initial technique, combining itself experience in the process of monitoring, taking care and testing of appropriate and inappropriate characteristics when comparing environmental conditions The market native climate and reception of the market
One of the new crops was greatly swordsmen as a green asparagus plant. Mang Tay Gardens are designed to wear strings, stable irrigation pipes. Since conversions up to now for more than 1 year, she earns a comments that are quite easy to grow, growing well on sandy ground, organic fertilizer and clean water. With 2,000 asparagus plants, after 8 months of planting, starting to harvest. According to growth and asparagus processes for increased production, the early harvest period is 2kg / day so far has increased to 5kg / day, full The western carrier after being harvested, you will come to the place to buy for a price of VND 70,000 / kg. During care, she mixed with rice husk and cow dung to increase the humus for the soil. Asparagus is a clean, nutritious, nutritious vegetable that will grow very quickly so it can be cut every day throughout the harvest cycle. The formal asparagus is mainly growing in the night, so early morning soons the trees have not been able to go to cotton, fresh and crispy finished products. All crops in the garden are carefully taken care of by her. Use brewed manure from 1 month or more, without fertilizer, chemical medicine. Harvested products have traders to take place to buy or retail. Particularly asparagus, now, she swords expand its area of 1,000m2. The green asparague model occupies the most outstanding number, which is a new local crop, although the model of spontaneousness is initially efficient, but the long-term lady swords want to be technically supported by the local Expertise and search for stable outputs help grandmother earnestly expand the production area. After the time "struggling" to find a suitable production model, a variety of crops, vegetables and vegetables Currently, she is determined by her for ideal effectiveness, providing a stable income of about 10 million VND / month. With the spirit of not afraid of difficulty, the first steps of her sword has "turned" his garden, becoming more economical, each gap of the land is fully utilized to develop many types of crops and vegetables Combining, medium to provide meals, just creating a stable source of income for the family. The sword said, herself likes new crops, because agricultural products are less likely to sell and sell prices high. Therefore, in addition to asparagus, she tried to grow more Da Lat strawberries, gold rice canoe labels to convert the remaining production land area of the family.

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