Female Nursing Bv In Ho Chi Minh City: ‘it Has Long Been Made For A Long Time, Looking At The Mirror’

Farewell to the family to enter the senior hospital No. 8, Ms. Vo Thi Thuy Nguyen always mind a person who suffers from Covid-19 quickly recovered, discharged from hospital <: 00/4: 16 namkhi feet Vo Thi Thuy Nguyen Nursing Female (Thong Nhat Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City) is also when the sun stumbles, after the long night of the patient, the patient doesVD-19. In the work of 40-year-old nursing, The mask, protective supplies on people are not removed. Because the work here is always on

. Just hearing a sigh from Patient Covid-19, Ms. Nguyen appeared to encourage, relaying them firmly. Always in this ready-made state is evaluated unpredictably, the level of spread faster, dangerous More dangerous
Therefore, all treatment and regulations in the field hospital must be strictly implemented. With many years of experience to take care of the severe patient, Ms. Nguyen has been in turmoil in the fourth hospital right from the early days. Tell your voice when directly treating, taking care of F0, female nursing nursing is ready to enter the mind of translation, no matter how hard it is. Her happiness is to help many people recover. Since Ho Chi Minh City appeared the first Covid-19 cases, Nursing Vo Thi Thuy Nguyen (Thong Nhat Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City) was cooked. Into the mind of support. Photo: V.Đ. "From the time when I appeared the first Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, I was cooked with the intention of taking care of these special patients
I also told many other nurses to 'go to the wire' to get ready for a bad situation. Just the Fatherland needs, we shuffly click on the first route, "said Thuy Nguyen nursing. Spring of legs on the 8th hospital No. 8, she told himself to never go slowly. With a physician in the epidemic environment, when there are any unusual information about the patient, they have to move quickly. Because otherwise, the patient can turn heavier. Many nights, after checking hundreds of F0, physicians, nursing are tired. But not so they faltered, frustrated. Strongly determined as a fire always burns in their minds. Wellish sweaty clothes, Thuy Nguyen nursing still goes to all prevention. Hot summer weather, wearing protective clothing all day but every time there is a new patient hospitalized, she and other medical staff are willing to give electric fans, their meals for them before. Night of Thuy Nguyen nursing starts at 0h. Each CA lasts 4-5 hours, but usually does not have a plan. Many days, just arriving in the delivery, there is an emergency, female nursing and teammates immediately wake up, another doctor's help. Therefore, all time to rest in the day became valuable. Ms. Nguyen always reminded himself to be in a state of ready. Because of that, female nursing herself "forgot to make a makeup, san mirror, sometimes the meal, is working down, requested by the colleague Support is to wake up now ". The physician's vocational breakfast in the hospital is based on No. 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: V.Đ.Đ.Thuấy tuyết I set up a day of my mother in the mind of epidemic, family nostalgia, loving children is always permanent in her heart. Every day, she enlisted every minute of short breaks to call home. Those times, just hearing a few warm words from her husband, from me, I have satisfied nostalgia. But the more nostalgia, desires the patient quickly, Covid-19 soon as strong. Previously after one, Ms. Nguyen kept a determination. The nursing female affirmed firmly only leaving the treatment of Covid-19 patients when the translation ended, even though it could last. "Ray, burning lots of spaces on the body because the protective side of the protective guard has become normal With the doctor treating Covid-19. I have psychological work with two young children 9 and 14 years old. Grandma, foreign, far away, her husband on the job so I soon train your children soon Family. Age is small but they have gradually mature, know how to do many things like cooking rice, caring for each other ", Ms. Nguyen Tam. He knew that she was about to be far away, in a difficult time, two children Take her sleeve for missing velvet. But when the mother talks about the story of living because everyone, each individual must sacrifice to the war with the pandemic, the children no longer have a stronger mother cheering. Connecting the patient to bring Ms Nguyen The joy and happiness dispels the daily pressure. Photo: V.Đ.T.T is strong, but the hugs in a hurry when I go to the mind of epidemic still becoming a memorial to remember and spicy where the eye. "Far away from the children, the family, I watch the disease Nhan as a relative. They gave me respectful eyes. Some people wish to help health workers give less. At times like that, I was all very touched, "said Ms. Nguyen responded and acknowledged the heart of Covid-19 patients for themselves. Atomiates, 40-year-old female nursing explains each person The treatment of treatment, strict implementation of the prevention and control of the translation is the biggest gift for physicians. In the battle against the fierce Covid-19 epidemic, certainly there are sacrifices, losses, but according to what Nutrition, keep

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