Female Pilots Disclose 10kg Decreased Secrets In 5 Months

Female pilots Nguyen Tran Dieu Thuy walked and followed the method of eating non-starch to reduce 10kg in nearly 5/2/2/2: 59 South Vietnam walking and eating non-starch every day is the secret of losing weight pilot. Photo: NVCCCAO 1m65, weighs 58 kg, female pilots Nguyen Tran Dieu Thuy said she felt that she needed to lose weight for the round face and belly with fat. Thuy's work before the outbreak was very busy, she couldn't arrange for weight loss. To have down the weight, she drank a foreign weight loss drug. The horrible thing to Thuy is a self-flowing grease through the gastrointestinal tract, a lot of dirt is full of skirts

. She was heavy stress. Once in a cafe, Thuy was falling into this irony situation that made her selfish, walking home while crying. After that, she did not use this weight loss drug
Thuy Thuy at 58 kg with his face and round, round. Photo: NVCC from early May, Thuy started with walking exercises every afternoon. Through the second week, she increased this walk to 7 km, and in conjunction with strict diets with all starch, milk coffee, sugar, sticky dishes, vermicelli, pho .. . Thuy's daily menu is only lean meat, green vegetables and soup. Her dishes are faded, without salt due to fear of salt will cause the body to store water. She eats lean meat and vegetables until now is now stopping. If hungry can add fruits.anks to a height of 1m65, watching Thuy still elegant but she said her body was not complete due to sitting sometimes flying
Photo: NVCC "The first month, Thuy's weight up and down erratically because the body was not used to. The remaining two weeks of the month, Thuy also walked on a machine every 2 hours, spent 10 km. Eating" Clean Food "It is still maintained. At the beginning of the first month, weighing 1 kg", female pilot storytelling. After nearly 5 months of suffering and minimum starch limited, Thuy got a dream like a dream . Photo: NVCCSang the second month of the training cycle, because the epidemic outbreaks, her flying work also stopped. Thuy began to strengthen suffering, walking 5 km, walking 10 km, and the amount of food put into the body clenched, less. She said then the body was not tired because she was used to get used to. Eat little causing the body to burn fat. In this second month, Thuy weight reduced 6 kg, 52 kg. The pilot has owned an ants waist with a flat stomach without a little fat. Photo: Nvcchai next month, she returned to eat well as the first month and every week had a holiday day to like what to eat. The practice is still maintained as the second month. During this time, Thuy went to another 2 kg, 50 kg. Each morning, she started drinking milk coffee back, but breakfast, eat 1 piece Noodle. The training also decreases, every dimension, Thuy walks on a 10-kilometer machine. After nearly 5 months of training and dieting, Thuy was down to 10 kg, currently maintaining 48 kg. The previous palate face was significantly changed. Photo: NVCC "Now your body has elegantly escaped. The belly and waist have reduced the amount of fat significantly. Thuy will gradually reduce the intensity of episodes and try to maintain the current weight," female pilot Tre Viet Airline said. Nguyen Tran Dieu Thuy was formerly a flight attendant of a foreign airline. In one exchange with the head, she was encouraged to divert the career to the pilot. Thuys are waiting for temporary sickness to be back to the flight hours as before. Photo: NVCDRTURT has spent the time of study and exam at the Vietnamese flying pilot, then nearly a year of flight practice in the US. She excelled that the exams were difficult to become pilots. Refusing to driving the private plane in France, Dieu Thuy returned to Vietnam, head for the airline in the country. She is one of 20 pilots in Vietnam today.Dinh Thu Hien

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