Female Players Off The Dream At Age 18 Because Of Violence

At the age of 18, full of ambiguity, dreams, but the evil monster disease came to take away the young players of young Tran Thi Hanh All.02: 00/6: 04 namthay because dreams are playing balls, wearing a team National recruitment, Hanh Hanh just wanted to live and have a gentle job to support her parents. Tran Thi Hanh with memorabilias when playing football Photo: Thanh Xuandang Dream at the age of 18 in July Help, in a small house in a small house in An Ninh village, An Thuan commune, Binh Luc district, Ha Nam, Hanh sitting alone in bed, hand holding memorabiles when they are still kicking. tight but it was also very quick, I gave two rear lines and told my life, about the evil monster Lupus red board made me give up the dream of playing professional balls and grew up in the land of Ha South rich in women's football traditions, five grades 6, happy to ask for parents according to football practice after passing the exams of the teachers at Ha Nam Young Football Training Center. The youngest family has four sisters You, the most originally happy parents I don't let your child follow the ball because they are afraid of hard, but because they are determined to burn in their eyes, they gradually agree

. "Really at that time I didn't think too much, just wanted to try my lips new school. In addition, if playing well, this will be a profession to help you stabilize your life and help somewhat for your parents. So, I played backpacks down to Phu Ly city with the teachers starting new life ", Hanh
The first day is very difficult for girls born in 2003 by high exercise intensity plus having never learned through the ball Stone made her feel frustrated. But at the same time, Hanh remembered her parents and pressed the belly trying. Then the young girl gradually adapted and advanced quickly, was played for young rich clubs in Ha Nam, the country's young team. The largest Indian of Hanh is a HCD of the Southeast Asian Female U16 in 2019. Year 2020, I have been working on exercise with a team of 1 rich in Ha Nam.Play in the center of the center-back, possessing the bodybuilding the same spirit of fire, Hanh is the hope of Ha Nam football in particular, female football Vietnam in general. But in the middle of the career path, a big shock hit, causing the hometown to the nearest countryside cannot continue. While in Binh Duong attending the National Women's Football Football Tournament 2020, I went to a constant fever, the whole body floating many red nodules. "Normally, I don't hurt or uncomfortable. But headaches, abdominal pain abuse me regularly
They came suddenly, sometimes at night making me unable to sleep, hurt to cry. But I tried to endure alone, didn't let me coal because my parents had to rest to go to work. Tran Thi Hanh "" I went to see if the doctor only said to be allergic and fever. But I'm very tired, so tired that there is no strength, sometimes fever up to 42, 43 degrees. Night before flying out Hanoi, I found myself almost no feeling, continuous fever. I called my father to say that if I was 7am after the next morning without seeing you, I died and died ... ", Speaking here, his tears re-flowed. About the family, Mr. Tran Van Bich after the owl My phone is both awareness. Early the next morning, he borrowed money to hire a car to Hanoi to welcoming his children at the airport and carrying their children onto the car to bring it to Bach Mai Hospital. "Here two days the doctors have just identified that I have a red board lupus . Hearing the doctor talking about the evil disease can not be cured, my limbs like leaving. But I think I have to be an energy to make a place based for me, worry about me, but I also collapsed, who I know what to do, "Mr. Bich confided. Active treatment at the hospital for a while, Hanh through In dangers and are home by a doctor to continue treatment according to the regimen. Every month I have to go to the hospital to visit and take the drug once. The professional football path of the young girl in a young wife also officially closed. The small student, the coach Pham Van Hai of Phong Phu Ha Nam shared: "Although it was a new team, the consciousness of training , I am very professional. I also have potential and are growing well in the center-back. I had directions for me to become the pillar of the team in the future but did not expect my fate was unlucky. "" I will make efforts to not be the burden for your parents "Tran Thi Hanh (Monday from right , Over) in Vietnam U16 shirt color. Photo: VFFN about the current life, Hanh said I only do some chores like cooking rice, sweeping the house to help my parents but not mobilize strongly. "I have never visually imagine the life will be so This. I've ever dreamed of playing professional balls, national rocks and wearing a team with snow, Huynh Nhu. I found it very empty, because of lack of football, remember the smell of yard, the sunny smell in the training sessions. More than all, the football I have identified as the profession will feed me, let me help your parents work hard, but now I become the burden of the family, "the female player told the sad face. It was known, In addition to lupus red, almonds are also treating stomach reflux disease, pancreatitis, glue inflammation. Every visit, taking the drug is all over 8 million VND. This amount with a family to be agriculture but said it was not simple. "I

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