Female Singer Uee After An Increase Of 7 Kg

After an increase of 7 kg, the former member of the After School member group looked more attractive. Fans are no longer worried about her eating disorder. September 20, female singer UEE makes fans unexpectedly posting new photos, showing off charming physique. According to Koreaboo, she increased 7 kg but still kept her abdominal muscles. White bodysuit helps to reveal the long legs of the former member group after school

. Photo: hipstay.In another picture, she combined suit with Bra shirt. Two years ago, fans showed anxiety when I saw UEE to lose weight to alarming
Her confidence and confidence this time made fans rest assured. Photo: Hipstay.uee also said she likes his current appearance. "Being a lot of skinny bones, she probably practiced a lot," "the body rate causes many people to desire", "I used to worry about her but maybe it didn't need anymore." comment of the network community. She ever revealed that I had a problem in eating, just dare to eat a meal / day for 8 years because of a fear of commenting from the public. Photo: Hipstay.In SBS's Night of TV Entertainment TV show, UEE once said she only ate 1,000 calories per day. She often cooks her lunch with dry tuna and chicken breast salad. She also uses a variety of whole grains such as black beans, wheat, rice
She eats salads all day to keep the feeling of full, avoid snacks. When she wants to eat something, she always calculates their calories first. Photo: Hipstay.Theo Channel Korea, in addition to diets, UEE also works hard, especially lifting weightlifting to increase muscle. Because she wanted to keep the thigh, she often practiced squatting. She used to not be afraid to perform this movement with the MC during a spin for a program. Photo: Cosmopolitan.

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