Female Students Who Are Passionate About Art, Owning Many Cover Million View

Although studying nurses, there is a passion for art. Mai Vy is known as the owner of many Cover million view. Besides, she also specially received attention when it was a female lead in the two MV of KiCM. Mai Vy also nicknamed Nomi (2002), currently a student of Nursing, schools Nguyen Tat Thanh University. Especially receiving attention when the daughter makes KiCM "lost love" in the MV who brought me

. Own the morning face, with cute smile. Again, Mai Vy caused the network community to be crazy, as the owner of many Cover Trieu View songs. With an extremely attractive voice, Mai Vy caused many netizens to "rush" to seek
There is a hobby and passion associated with art. With the dream of becoming a professional singer and is further developed in every way. Currently, Mai Vy is also active in the fields of music, acting and advertising activities. New only works in the field of art for 2 years, but Mai Vy receives a lot of things Support, love from the audience and the online community. As well as positive interactive effects from social networks like Fanpage, Tiktok or YouTube. With an emotional, attractive voice, you already owned in the hands of many Cover million view like: Identical appointment, what do you do wrong, ... In addition, Mai Vy is also the main female in 2 MVs who bring me And since he stopped by singer KiCM. Little, in Vy always carry a love with music
Although not coming from professionalism, Mai Vy himself always tries to find himself a chance to develop and conquer passion. By being charmed with art, from an inexperienced person, there was no expertise of her attempts to do non-stop training to train music as well as learn professional skills and improve themselves. Once a product is given a product, regardless of whether it is complimented or criticized, Vy itself reads and listens without any comment, suggestions from the audience, receiving and casting experience and improving themselves more and more. She also hopes to be received by the audience with many colors, not just a "girl singing Cover". Besides the love, Mai Vy also encountered many opinions from public opinion, as well as negative reactions. She confided: "When I first entered the job myself, I always thought everything was pink. Until I realized that the world was pink or not to create themselves. Having lovers will also have people who don't like. I always feel self-reliant and want to stop, until there is a charm to meet you KiCM. Being exposed and working together, I saw the effort, effort from him, even though he had many events at work. That helped me to recognize again, learn and more effort every day. In addition, I also need to thank those negative negatives, because I realize where myself is not completed and overcome it better ". A favorite saying of Mai Vy:" Want to sit in The position of no one is sitting, it is suffer from feeling no one to stand. "

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