Female Teachers In The First Place To Operate In Ho Chi Minh City: If Everyone Is Fueled, The Epidemic Ever Been Repelled

'I always think, in the middle of this commitment, if everyone fears, everyone also faltses, who will support the top team, ever the disease is pushed back? This makes me burn further than participating in volunteering ', Phuong Linh teacher shares.0: 00/0: 00 namtp.hcm domain than the past days have been entering the journey when the number The new Covid-19 infection continues to increase. Before this situation, the head of the first route doctor seemed to work harder, they worked without time, accepting the dangers and risks will encounter to bring peaceful life to the people. Understanding those sacrifices, strenuous; At the same time, it is expected to contribute a little effort to join hands to push the disease, hundreds of volunteers are teachers, students, youth union members

... volunteered to break into the war to prevent epidemics, ready to leave, not Feelings are difficult and dangerous
"If everyone also falts, then who will support the top team" when you know that the school recruits volunteers to participate in the prevention of Covid-19, Phuong Linh teacher (Church In charge of Literature, Vo Van Tan Secondary School, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) and many other colleagues did not hesitate to register immediately. Phuong Linh teacher (teacher in charge of Literature, Vo Secondary School Van Tan, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) "Since the fourth epidemic outbreaks (April 27), teachers and students have to stay at home so the feeling of boredom is inevitable. This time, the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City is stressed, I myself want to do something to join hands to help Saigon win the epidemic.Do, when you see the village school G newspaper finds volunteers, I immediately registered. My colleagues, many people have small children but they are nor do nothing, very enthusiastic participating in support, "Ms. Linh said. Phuong Linh teachers participate in supporting the top team from early August to Now Ms. Linh, when deciding to "break" to support doctors in vaccination vaccination, this means, she will have to contact many people, the risk of infection is Article Unable to say in advance. Family points know you will go to support the headline for the epidemic, she has faced a fairly harsh opposition. Many phone calls in the countryside constantly call to advise, remind, But, Ms
Linh still doesn't go to his decision. "At first, my parents heard the announcement was quite worried and tried to stop. Not only, my parents and my parents also panicked no less when I know. Even her parents are injured because of worrying about his daughter-in-law and calling and crying and crying and crying makes me extremely touched. That worries are understandable, every day your parents see seeing the situation Saigon is quite stressful, only a bit of negligence, the risk of infection is quite high. My body is not good, there is no knowledge of medical expertise so the fact that the parents oppose is what I have predicted Okay. However, after repeatedly explaining, encouraging and proving that their parents saw me still very healthy despite being "stormed" for many days, my parents completely supported my decision, "sister Linh said. Phuong Linh and colleagues in dates together support the top team of their husbands, Ms. Linh said, he himself always supports all his wife's decisions, even in their hearts. . She said: "My husband working in the army environment, in the past 3 months he must stay in the unit to continue his mission so his wife can only ask each other's situation by phone. Knowing I joined the volunteer team against the epidemic, he himself was so worried but because he understood me, he always respected his wife's decision so he always encouraged me to try. I always think, in the middle of the orange situation Go like this, if everyone is afraid, who's false, who will support the top team, ever the disease is pushed back? This makes me crushed my determination to participate in volunteering. "From workplace, Phuong Linh teacher sent enthusiasts to the husband on the mission in the Linh unit said, she was lucky to receive Respect, supporting every decision from the husband, she began to participate in supporting the team of the epidemic in early August. Every day, sisters and colleagues will undertake their responsibilities coordination of people at vaccination points, guiding people injecting the process; simultaneously import data and reporting the situation after each day of injection. There is no obstacle, however, sometimes Ms. Linh And volunteer team members also encounter cases where people do not coordinate with the provisions of epidemic prevention. At this time, Ms. Linh as well as other members are always considerate, affected and dedicated to people People understand.Theo Linh, the volunteer team's work will begin at 7am and end at 6pm. Occasionally, you will end later, Beach I among the task of coordinating people who go to the injections to input, update the health situation of schools

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