Female ‘white Shirt’ Of Thanh Thanh Center

They, as well as many other women with sacred feelings and responsibilities in the wife and motherhood. But, the fierce 'battles' in Southern remotely urged them to enter the name of the volunteer 'white shirt' of Thanh Thanh. In the remote place of those thousands of kilometers, they are all day and night to devote, win the life back to patients with Covid-19 Heavy 9: 00/5: 15 South Doctor Nguyen Thi Chung samples Testing for patients at the Fate Hospital Thu Dung Covid-19 Number 2, Thu Duc City (Ho Chi Minh City). Photo: The character provides the work of a hospital treatment doctor, sending an old mother with Alzheimer's disease and 2 small children to care relatives, Dr. Nguyen Thi Chung, working at Rehabilitation Hospital Central (closed in Sam Son City), has 6 weeks of performing tasks in Ho Chi Minh City's mind

. Enhanced for Panic Hospital Covenic Coven-19 Treatment No. 2, Thu Duc City, she was assigned to the task of treating doctor at Block 4B - Faculty of treatment of heavy Covid and post-reclaimed patients. " Can express all the hard work as well as the speed of work needed in this place
Block 4B is like "Tower Floor" every 4/5 in the level of disease status. Therefore, the work pressure requires always closely monitoring and manipulating quickly to be able to observe and handle the situation in time or timely report the emergency transfer when the patient suddenly becomes severe. Imposting, worrying when the old mother in the countryside of pain is looking forward, 2 small children in grade 9 and 5th grade must take each other when they are also busy with the work as a doctor, deputy head of the Department of Prevention and Control of the hospital; But, every time it opposite the current job, witnessing the level of hensions, the fear of the patient, I went back to the privacy to wholeheartedly attentive to work. " Share with me in the second moment of competing in the night. Take each other. Also in the delegation with a common doctor, during the past weeks, Nursing Trinh Thi Trang does not rest with the job. 1 CA WORK OF NATURAL NATURALS, In addition to injecting drugs, go to the examination room 4 times a day, 48 hours sequentially check for testing for patients once. Sisters, 3-4 days must also do RT-PCR testing of Covid-19 cross-contamination in place where Covid-19 virus concentration is very high in the air. Every time a severe patient needs to transfer the above-line hospital, the nursing page is always punish to escort even throughout the process until they are about to wear jackfruit protective protection, extremely stuffy and mysterious. Or every time I see the patient is leaving the hospital, nursing the page proposed to the doctorate, Dr
Le Ngoc Hai - in charge of Block 4B receiving more patients about. Meanwhile, with the "battle" in this epidemic center, surrounding him is a heavy Covid-19 - F0 patient, it seems to have been fears with all outsiders when exposed to close. The medicine, the doctor injected to the patient. Nutrition page: there are nights, because of the hasty need for patients to breathe, I and my colleagues have to rush to take, roll the upper oxygen on the floor. After every shift, the person showered in sweat and sat out. With patients with high age, bedridden, mental illness, the work is heavier. Sometimes, I have to become a friend, relatives to support the spirit for the patient for a soft weak moment, losing faith against disease. Being carried, its strength to help patients here in the tribulation is a happiness. However, every moment to rest, nostalgia, loving her child and surged in his heart. "My child is still small, this year I just entered the class 1. The first time of the first time in my life, but both parents have to go against the epidemic. I went to Ho Chi Minh City, my father and grandfather went to the Covid-19 quarantine. The day she went to open, encouraging me to agree to let the neighbor take away. Thoroughly watching the picture of a small, lovely daughter on the first day of opening the opening of pile sandals, I cried all night because of merciful, only mobilizing me, saying that my mother is fighting this, much You are as small as I don't have the opportunity to go to opening because of heavy Covid-19. Many small friends lose both their father and mother, so I stayed at home trying to be obedient for her to rest assured to complete the mission. She just cried a little ... "- Nursing Trinh Thi Trang Emotion indicates. Resting of doctors, nursing hospital rehabilitation central reunion after Ca.The specialist 2 Ngo wrote together, head of the work delegation of the central rehabilitation hospital to the hospital for Ho Chi Minh City, said: Doan Medicine, volunteer doctor this phase of the hospital has 36 people, including 26 female. The day of the delegation on the road on the duty, the leader of Sam Son and the hospital has recorded and extremely induced the ambush and brave spirit of doctors, nurses, hospital nurses. In this "battle", we determined to be extremely hard and this sacrifice is still multiplied by sisters when health

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