Ferrari Laferrari Hundred Billion Is The Most Terrible Supercar When Going To Vietnam?

Rarely rare Ferrari Laferrari supercars will increase each year, even a lot of price increases only over a few months of sale. In when the domestic car is still charmed as well as waiting for information about super The Hypercar Koenigsegg Regera of Hoang Kim Khanh about the S-shaped land is somewhere in Sai Thanh, there is a Vietnamese giant who is also waiting for his rare Ferrari Laferrari super product to improve the set of 3 cars Hypercar After already owning the Porsche 918 Spyder. If someone says that Ferrari Laferrari is attractive for over 3 years there are many rumors about the Ferrari Laferrari super product is about to be in the S-shaped land Which car will probably not understand too much information about Ferrari's History Hybrid. Currently, more than 80 Ferrari Laferrari cars are being resold around the world, and just look at the car's wedding price is also enough to answer for the above questions. A city in Collier County, Florida, the United States appeared on 15 Ferrari supercars waiting for guests to pick up but only the Laferrari is quite strictly protected, who came to see just standing outside the wire Agent surrounds this Hypercar car

. Not only watching the car, many visitors can also refer to this Ferrari Laferrari via a car resolution page located. Accordingly, the Ferrari Laferrari is produced in 2014, ie has a nearly 8 years of life. Cars in a new situation are new because the speedometer clock only stops at 149 miles, equivalent to 239 km
Of course, the agent may lose to a car through a separate program that has been elected by the visitors. Ferrari Laferrari rates have increased every year and many shouted on a dizzying price only over a few months. The price of Italian car company for Ferrari Laferrari is 1.3 million dollars but currently, many Ferrari Laferrari are sold over 3.3 million dollars. And the Ferrari Laferrari in this article was bid from $ 3.65 million, equivalent to 83 billion dong - however, when they arrived in Vietnam and rolling up to more than a hundred billion dong. Can see, profit Ferrari Laferrari supercar gives the owner quite large, even some people claim to be the "hard fan" of the Ferrari car company but also cannot resist the difference amount of over $ 1 million so selling supercars Ferrari Laferrari only after a few years of buying. The influence of the Ferrari Laferrari car is so large that many giants have to refer to the biased car company and hate themselves because they don't want to sell Ferrari Laferrari by tradition. Instead, the company said that 499 customers who bought Laferrari cars must own 5 Ferrari cars as well as signing a commitment to not sell cars in less than 18 months as well as meeting the two criteria above but it will be The person who chose the face sent to the Hypercar Ferrari Laferrari supercar
Ferrari Laferrari equipped with V12 engine, 6.3-liter capacity combined with electric motors will have a maximum capacity of 950 horsepower and maximum torque 900 nm. Million dollar super car Ferrari Laferrari has accelerated from the starting position to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 350 km.Video: Ferrari Laferrari is the most terrible supercar when about Vietnam ? Nguyen Chung

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