Fertiary Flavor: Diep ‘foolish’ Forgotten The Way, The Audience Looked Forward To Hitting Her Head

In Preview Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 15, Diep (Bich Ngoc) stealthily erases the mole for Dung (Sy Hung) .0: 00/3: 05Nam Southern Southern Flavor Taste Part 2 Wave, Diep ( Bich Ngoc) changed the appearance completely thanks to aesthetic surgery. The only thing that the audience feels familiar and is also the common point of Diep in both parts of the film is the big mole in the chin. However, in Preview Flavor Friends Part 2 episode 15, this mole also "No wings that fly" by Diep decided to remove the mole for Dung (Sy Hung). In the Preview Flavor Flavor Part 2 episode 15, Diep peeking mother went to erase the mole

. When she returned home, she wore a closed mask to avoid being discovered by Mrs. Bich (NS Tu Oanh). However, Diep's suspicious attitude was immediately skeptical by Ms
Bich. Pretend naively asking Mother's Motherhood but the result was straightened by Mrs. Bich. Seeing the daughter paste the personal tape right at the position with a sharpness, Ms. Bich felt a good job. She continued to peel out with the "Loc" mole of the daughter who was completely disappeared. Then, Diep came to the site to visit Nam (Phuong Oanh). When she was happy to leave, she was sacks straight into the head and fell down. The male shouted when his sister had an accident. After the Preview Flavor Taste Part 2 Episode 15 was revealed, netizens have stirred up after the Diep accident will be lost and forget about Dung
Others hope that Diep after the impact on the head will suddenly be awakened, no longer foolish as the past episodes. Diep Diep is a man who doesn't go anything. Piercing Diep's appearance but she still couldn't forget him. The fact that Diep decided to remove the mole why mostly because Dung. Because Diep always tinses his mole, she is also afraid of Dung to realize yourself is the ugly girl in the past who was "sealed" by him. Workers wish Diep dazzle after the accident to forget Dung.In another development of Preview Flavor Taste Part 2 Episode 15, Mr. Tan (NS, Ho Phong) and Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) seemed to have a new step with each other. Both went to eat rice but at the same time, the "dog" (NS Anh Tuan) called to say: "Does the wife Thang do you know you killed her husband? Don't realize me?" Dog " ? Listen to your life is good, what if there is a problem, it is unfortunate! "After that, the" dog "demanded him to ton 2 billion if he would not disclose the secret of the sky related to the prisoner Instead of Mr. Tan. The wind related to the dark past of the fluttering taste is gradually rising, threatening the current life of the characters that makes the audience suspense to watch but also feel stressful. The mood of the person who sees the love taste is only released thanks to the journey to pursue a fairly lovely ex-lover of Long (strong school) in the taste of part 2 episode 14.Then grandma (NSND Nhu Quynh) Appointment with Nam, Long has "face bottle" pleased to meet again. During this trip, "Shark" Long frankly said he was still affection to her. He apologized for men because in the past was not fierce to keep the love of two people. However, the male still determined, didn't want to see the old love again because he realized that Long's affection was not large enough. "Shark" Long is still not discouraged again: "Are you feelings with you?" Nam did not deny but only avoided: "There are more emotional or no meaning now." This makes Long believe that male still has not forgotten him, just he is determined to pursue her again, this affection is still hoping. Following the next time "Shark" will be more drastic to be able to love again from the beginning? But will you protect it well for men when conquering you? Flavor of the next episodes are broadcast at 21:00 from Monday to Friday on VTV1 Channel.

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