Fertiary Flavor: Thy Plays A Way To Make Men Open Secretly In Front Of Her Husband’s House?

'Flavor "of the sets here will make the sourage between the male family and Thy more piled up. Mother Thy did what makes men fall into the same way, having to reveal the secret but her husband and wife with him to keep them closed for as long as possible? 0: 00/1: 24 male excerpts for incense The situation of social practice 48 made the audience standing still because it was too thrilled, especially when Thy began to doubt about the relationship between his mother and his father and wondered about his father's death. Sinking deeply in his life. When I discovered Thy was interesting too much, he should not know, Mr. Tan was annoyed and worried about

. Although Thy was a daughter of lover, he didn't hesitate to ask Mrs. Sa, please tell me that everything goes too far. He even threatened that if Ms
Sa didn't teach me, he would go hand. Make her misunderstand that he was born behind everything. Since then Thy adds him to him, hate to both men and decides to inform the whole husband's house, he was raised by his father to be threatened by Nam .Nam. Now sitting still listen to others telling bad barriers, especially after knowing this is my biological father. Come to this country, male decided to reveal that shocking truth, there was no hidden as the original plan. Also intended to go away for a while. The male volume also plans to go far a while , Perhaps to let him learn to find the clue of Minh Oan, decide if his father is clean. When both men and Thy they turned over the ancient case, taste the last episodes of the last episodes.

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