Fig Tree ‘strange’ Out Of Fruit Under The Root, Netizen Curiously Asked Each Other

Looking at the fungtic tree, it looks strange, so many things look like their eyes, but the lover is also wild because I don't know if it doesn't know? The fruit trees have another shape that often continues to "trend" the network these days. Serial series is currently a kind of "god tree" who is being cried by the net people, but is also rumored to be so much that "the whole neighborhood does not run out". Recognizing the sung trees with many surprises, grows Focusing on the root makes people love more curiously. The original network is quite wild to bring about the origin of this "god of gods". He said that this is a fig tree or sung, but some "specialists" Has realized this is the right fig tree

. Strictly high, and bigger and different from the fig leaves, only one of them, only is the shape of each other. , but louder and especially when nine has a sweet-lived stream that flows very attractively attractive. When you're green, we have the same rice in white, eating very bitterly, suitable for fish sauce
Salt, mannequin or take a tunnel with the legs - This dish is good for her milk for pregnant women. When nine is sweet and sweet. "Look at the leaves like this, it is a fig tree, it's a fabric tree Hey that the landlord said it was the right homeowner Then, "a netizen wrote. Other network comments:" The fabric tree grows both from the root, as this tree is beautiful due to the wrong cause, it is not rare. And the fig tree but the fruit grows from the root, it is rare. "

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