‘file’ Power Of Vietnam Tank Team At Army Games 2021

According to the information from the Army Games 2021, the teams to attend Tank Biathlon this year will still use T-72B3 tanks in 2011.Theo army, after the drawing ceremony of Tank Biathlon 2021 (Progress tanks), teams attending the prize, including the People's Army Team Team (QDND) Vietnam has been handed over by the Russian host country with 4 tanks T-72B3 (Mod 2011) version 2011. This is also the standard tanks of the teams. With the results of the appearance on August 16, the Vietnamese team will launch on the red paint tanks and group 2 of the board 1. First day of competition Will be on August 23 here (about 20h by Hanoi time)

. After receiving the car, the Vietnamese team has also quickly prepared for the editing of the T-72B3 at the Alabino School, in the suburbs Moscow on August 18. With the experience gained from the tournament before the gun calibration process on Vietnamese tanks will go smoothly, members of the team are satisfied with the results .Video: Vietnam team correction T -72B3 tanks
Lieutenant Colonel is Van Nghia, coach weapon and translator of the team said: "The correcting session achieves relatively accurate results. The team needs to tweak to shoot bullets hit between the target center. Four cars and each vehicle have collaborated with smoothly, eating italy. After shooting the first 3 cannon shells, the gunboat changed the car to get used to many cars. If the previous years the team needs 2-3 hours to shoot correction, this time, the team only needs an hour ". According to Colonel Phan Hai Long, the captain of the Vietnam People's Army Team said : "I am very pleased with this calibration session. The car needs to own good talent and vehicles. There were some incidents that happened but the car remedied very quickly thanks to good training at home. The whole team is up very high. The Vietnam People'sry team is ready to enter the competition "
Phan Hai Long colonel also shared that, due to the red lottery for tanks, the target of the team in the competition is also red. This convenient for our teams because the Gunners is easier to observe goal. Both the big sunshine, red beer is also more recognizable. The Vietnamese team's CARDs practice shooting guns on the tanks. (Photo: People's Army) The strength of the T-72B3 T-72B3 tank continues to use T-72B3 (Mod 2011) tanks at Tank Biathlon 2021 can be considered an advantage for the Vietnamese team Male when giving up a competition in Table 1, most of our car members have experienced from two tournaments attendance. However, Table 1 has the participation of strong teams such as Russia, China, Belarus ... Vietnam will face small challenges if you want to move deep into the final round. About T-72B3 (Mod 2011) This is one of the standard staple battle tanks of the Russian army, which is included in equipment from 2013. In the first Tank Biathlon tournament, the tanks are used as T -72B then along with the development of the T-72B3 tank tournament tournament is included in the attendance teams. This is also a way to promote new tanks of the country when T-72B3 is the modernized version of the T-72B.Car T-72B3 of the Russian army. (Photo: Russian Defense Ministry) T-72B3 was developed by the Russian army as a quick and less expensive alternative solution to put into the T-90A key tank before the Army received the generation New T-14 Armata tanks. About the upgrade package of T-72B3, it is equipped with a completely new protection system - Kontakt-5 explosion-proof armor, turning it into a mobile fortress with resistance Types of anti-rise missiles - especially anti-rising rocket missiles, bullets against concave blasting or bullets through the size of T-72B3 are significantly raised thanks to a smooth 2А46M-5 cannon. (D-81m) New 125 mm size (40 bullet bullet), with the ability to shoot bullets across the armor and launch missiles from the barrel, like 9m119 svir (Laser led missile, nato nato - AT -11) or 9m119m Refleks (NATO - Sniper identifier) helps to increase the range of up to 5-6 km. New also allows the use of new armor bullets such as "Lead-1", "Lead-2" . In addition, the car is equipped with a 12.7 mm aircraft gun (6p50 kord, 300 tablets bullet, fire speed of 700 tablets / minute) and 1 midst of 7.62 mm coaxial (PKT, bullet bullet 2,000 Tablets, Speed shot of 700 tablets / minute). Also have to add that the content of Tank Biathlon 2021 Tank rounds to rotate the use of the weapon system equipped on the car, with 125mm main guns, room guns No 12.7mm and a coaxial gun 7.62mm. T-72B3 tank is used in Tank Biathlon. (Photo: RIA) According to the T-72B3 Payroll design for the Russian military will be equipped with the V-92S2F 1.130 hp diesel engine instead of the B-46 780 horsepower engine, however the cars participating in Tank Biathlon only Equipped with a turbocharged engine V-84-1 with a capacity of 840 horsepower. T-72B3's fighting weight is 46 tons, 3 members, 6.860 mm long (including firecrackers - 9,530 mm), high 2,226 mm, speed d

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