Film Worlds Regret Because Nsnd Tran Van Thuy Is Not Eligible For Ho Chi Minh Awards

When you know that NSND Tran Van Thuy is not eligible for Ho Chi Minh's award, many filmmakers have shown regret to the director who has made many contributions to the Vietnamese cinema. Award in the public Considering filmmakers at document studios and science, NSND Tran Van Thuy is a multi tree, the thread of the cinema village. Among his works, 2 films "Hanoi in Ai eyes" and "kindness" marked a historical period of the studio, and made a big resonance. 2 Movies mentioned above are still worth the time to the present time. This is regretful, Deputy General Director of the Document Film Film Company Limited and Trinh Quang Tung Sharing: The film brings the value and honor for the industry, a great contribution to cinema of documents

. We are looking forward to a higher level of decision to change the face in this. The documentary "kind of kindness '' is directed by NSND Tran Van Thuy. A artist working at a One Member Limited Company Document studios and science, said: When it comes to Vietnamese document cinema, there are 3 very famous names and respectfully, it is a NSND Tran Van Thuy, NSND Bui Dinh Hac and NSND Dao Trong Khanh
In his composing life, they left the works with many imprints. Meanwhile, his son directed Tran Van Thuy, painter Tran Nhat Thang said: The Cinema Department was very interested in him, actively contacting as a record for the author. With documentary films like "Hanoi in anyone's eyes," "kindness," NSND Tran Van Thuy has been awarded in the heart. So, when you know the information now, his relatives are not too surprised and just hope he is not sad. Non-sufficient number of votes on this incident, the Director of the Emulation of Reward (Ministry of Culture and Information

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