Filming Clip Tiktok Skincare For Father And Brother, The Hot Boy Causes Fever Because The Skin Is So Beautiful

Passion for Skincare More Makeup, remember Follow now this handsome Beauty Blogger, you'll be 'pocketed' quite quite the 'saving' products for your skin! 0:00 / 2: 56 NAM DANG TIKTOK Hey "Hay cough" spread! Hieu or Ho's real name is Nguyen Minh Hieu, currently a student academy and propaganda. Although only participating in Tiktok for 6 months, the @hatdecuoiahihi account of his guy owned 273k followers with 3.6 million turns of hearing and many Trieu clips with the beginning, currently Tiktok channel Hieu was very diverse about Content arrays, not only wrapped in dance videos, singing, led the MC but also received a lot of attention from Skincare, Haircare, beauty. The handsome appearance, the right letter of "party friend" of the student student student also caused many girls to "release his heart" because of the quality "content" like this! From "Content "To" quality "videos are extremely cake here! Smart beauty is to take care of the smallest detail - hair a" classic "mistake that is probably many of you still suffer: choose your favorite hairstyle Like forgot that hair care also needs suitable products

. Dry hair is puppeted, even though the clothes have "Trend Standard", the skin is so lush to anything that cannot be confident in confidence. Tiktok's Tiktok of Hieu or Ho has a content array of hair care, Turn your eyelids a few "saving" techniques for your dry and smooth hair! Recent clips with his hair care content attracted 1.8 million views to the present time
Hieu's hair care guidelines are interested in Netizen. Netizen is natural but not natural Nice! Who said as a boy, don't need too much or Skincare carefully? Follow Instagram, Tiktok of the South Beauty Blogger, I didn't Skincare, but once you have invested, the sisters have to work. With the ability to creative content, knowledge and investments, Hieu's Skincare video tutorial videos have brought a new wind in the field of seemingly unique monks of this beauty. Pores are the problem of Skincare believers who are very interested. Before obtaining the same skin, Hieu used to have a self-reliant time because of acne skin. But also thanks to that experience that the guy starts to take care of skincare and invests a lot of time learning more about beauty knowledge. Also changes to yourself to become a better version. There is always a new idea and updating this hot Tiktoker trend is to read the comment of the network community: "Need a skin care tips, just swim here with Hieu". What routines "Skincare is suitable for students", "Combo of blackhead acne skin skin" .
. The styles asked @hatdecuoiahihihihihi, there will be the answer "or cough"! The guy also regularly "beauty" for his father and younger brother on his videos. Skincare people still want to have beautiful skin, refer to now! He also turned on his daily skin care cycle, Including facial cleaning steps - Toner - Serum - Toner, Although simple but very sophisticated: "Toner is in the first Toner step is a kind, toner at the last stage is another type. Serums have come up to the whole billion, because each type is suitable for a different type of weather or skin condition. But that's just the appearance, I always have to combine with beauty measures from within, such as eating or using other supported foods. "The girls came here" Please "have a smooth skin like this! - Photo: IGNV Because of that, it was natural but natural but not natural but she was beautiful, needed a lot of time and investment to get smooth skin, clean acne and youthful! Pham Le - Video source: Tiktok

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