Financial Freedom And Way Of Life Not Only Depends On Monthly Salary

In order to no longer depend on income from salaries, young people need to learn financial management and investment from early 9: 00/0: 00 namths domain. Pham Thi Minh Thuy, lecturer in Finance and Finance University of RMIT Business University of Technology Sydney (Australia) 13 years of experience in teaching Financial fields Working in one of the four largest auditing companies in the world in Vietnam Nam Financial Owner To Enjoy An An Nhan Life, no job is the desire of many people. However, not everyone is capable of achieving. Preventing can come from modest income, many debts, or simply a vague financial picture. Freedom depends on the needs of each paragraph, not everyone experiencing everyone and fish finance Nhan can be divided into 4 stages: no financial capacity, full financial capacity, financial independence and financial freedom

. In when most of us go through the period of 1.2 and more People who come to stage 3, not everyone experiences the final stage - financial freedom. This is when you have a budget to pay all needs in life, whether to work or not
Article makes financial freedom different from financial independence is at this stage, income completely comes from sources Dynamic resulting in real estate, profit from long-term investments (stocks, bonds) is that you can choose to continue to work, or retire soon to pursue other directions without It is also financially bound. The problem depends on the living standards, not only the account balance of each other's financial freedom. It is important to determine how much you need to cover life, your needs. In fact, many people are free from very soon even without much money. At the same time, some people have a lot of money but have not yet been free. The problem lies in the lifestyle and consumption. History, if you have a habit of enjoying high-class products and services such as dining and relaxation at 5-star hotel, you need a big income to respond Apply. Since then the opportunity to be financial independence is also harder. Strictly means you have to earn a lot. One is that you have a high income when you go to work, you are very lucky to succeed in the field of investment, making the property quickly multiplied by a self-sufficient point of money with a decision Friend
Instead of staring only at the cumulative amount, the lifestyle factor should also be concerned and adjusted accordingly. The steps towards the non-dependent life, have mentioned, there is no common formula for the destination "No Do it still has money. However, in his experience, I can introduce you some ways many people have applied and succeeded with money: Know enough to take the time to make meaningful things with you without worrying about working hours Main legs, practice reducing unimicrobial needs right from the young age. Don't spend handover, do not turn it into a habit of difficulty removal. The demand regulation will part somewhere to bring you a monthly cost when working. In addition, you can have excess money to invest. When there is no longer spending, you will no longer have to run in income. At the right time, you can actively decide to retire early with the moderate passive income. Learn manage spending this is the eternal advice but always right. Young people are very lucky because there are many times to try and learn. Therefore, prepare soon and have a clear route if not to rely on the income from pensions, or have to do more money to make money in old age. Please have a savings every month. It is the first step of effective spending management. Identify investment from the second, the above monthly savings should be used to invest in profit, instead of not and losing value. In case Fear of risk, you can find out and select safe investment channels such as sending banks to get interest rates. If each month you submit a certain amount of money to a savings account at the bank, then over time, that money will multiply according to the formula of the gross interest rate. Just you need to maintain, the amount after 10 -15 years may surprise you. Depending on the monthly savings level, some people even have enough money to buy 1-2 apartments for rent, whether the initial capital is not much. In case you like venture capital, stocks, derivative market , ... is a bad choice. And in fact this is a more feasible path to bring you fast to financial freedom. It is important to invest, limit the debt, when it has invested, start with a small capital. It is best to use only a part of the capital you have, don't use all budgets, don't borrow. The purpose of the early stage is mainly to learn, please wait for money to make money. Need a profitability of investment can be profitable or lose depending on multiple conditions. Sometimes, these conditions are out of your control. Don't be subjective even if you're lucky to have a profit from the first investments, don't be depressed with the failures. Investment process sometimes decreases. Nip

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