Financial Point Of ‘rach My’ Of Vietnamese Wife When Taking Western Husbands: Do Not Like To Be Raised Or Sat Cool To Eat Golden Bowls, Trust Each Other But On A Transparent Basis

'I'm married to the West but I can't be' raised ', are' sat cool to eat golden bowl '. So don't think the west is going to take care of it. Even if they are also learned about financial management from the family so they 'wise' very much ', Ms. Linh shares.0 am: 00/5: 5 southern region of Bach Dieu Linh is currently living in the city of San Francisco , America

. Ms. Linh said that for everyone to have a more multi-dimensional look at the family economy, it was not "married to west" which home was the same. "I and my husband meet in the US through my sister ( My husband is a colleague at the old sister's company)
We met each other to see the first mind, so dating. Dating after a year was married. Today we have been married for nearly 1 year and just bought The house to go to "a house" is over 3 months. " And these are Ms. Linh's financial motto when living with Western husband. Bach Dieu Linh and his husband currently lives in San Francisco, US.1. The motto has passed from date when dating, although going to eat and playing husbands always paid, even "sneaking" the card for the waiter before Bill came so she didn't have the opportunity to "painting" Bill. But the spirit always thought, in life should not be received from others, what they gave themselves, don't let them feel "debt" them. "The small word I have been taught material debt is a little debt, debt It is a much debt
Materials are not paid, we are acquiring anyone who gives me something, what kind of thanks to this way or another ". Therefore, if the husband invited the meal, she always gave him a homemade meal at home. Her husband gave gifts, she had to find a way to give an equivalent value. "I bought a house in Vietnam, I want to buy us the US housing. The motto will always accompany me to help them come together in the most sincere manner," Linh shares.2. Discussion on money from early two spouses Linh rises from white hands so understanding money is just a tool but must know how to use the tool in a smart way so that it doesn't dominate themselves. In order for co-coins to choose a partner with the same level of autonomy and the equivalent financial motto. For example, the person should choose the person who should also choose, save, it should go with savings. "And my couple are all freedom lovers so the biggest purpose is to earn enough to have passive income from passive The properties and the way of life I want, freedom to pursue passionately. But if a household that a person is spreaders and the other person discharges, the path to the perspective "early retirement" will be longer Several times. So from the early days of dating, we discussed each other's "economic policy" to see if it fits without spending each other ", Linh shares.3. Financial management on a transparent basis, not a 24-year-old spiritual control has been Facebook's E5 engineer. The average salary for this level is $ 500,000 / year (11.3 billion and equal increase every year), not yet calculated for Facebook shares in recent years. A person under 30 with that income, the choice to love is not lacking. But it was also so he didn't choose a beautiful girl but just wanted to take advantage of him financially. When he met him, the spiritual economy was not poor but she lived quite saved. That made him more respectful and respectful. Therefore, when he made a decision whether young or large, he also asked Linh's opinion and was generally very "listening to" .Linh did not have the time to "manage the right" to him because the couple used the company Ly private investment fund but all bank accounts, securities, crypto, etc. The husband gave the password. The couple trusted each other but beliefs are always on the basis of transparency.4. Always give the opponent feeling safe, steadfastness of life cannot be said in advance, especially in many crisis times as now. But the most important thing about the relationship of the couple is all willing to support the economy to the other person. If assuming her husband wants to take a job to start start-up or what she wants to stay home to raise children, both have the "backup fund" for the family. This makes all 2 very peace of mind when you know that the postwinds are solid. "Actually, every tree every flower every scene. I married the Western husband but I can't" feed ", get" sat cool The golden bowl "Where. So don't think that the West is going to take care of it. Even if they can also learn about financial management from the family so they are" smart "," Ms. Linh shared. There are a number of financial views in Ms. Linh's family to see it very right: - The couple's view is not necessarily a flat, wife at a husband's house, there is nothing SaiLinh always admires wives, Mothers Qin Tao Home work, take care of tutoring children. For spirituality, nothing is more difficult than doing a good mother, and such a woman deserves her husband to "dedicate the whole world". Just because at this time the job is Linh K's priority

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