Finbondx – Flexible Bond Investment Solution From Finbase Is Attractive?

This November, Finbase bond investment application and Finbondx flexible bond investment solutions are officially launched in Vietnam with many outstanding advantages. With the system of platforms: FinBase Partner - FinBase Market - FinBase Store - FinBase Care, with Finbondx flexible bond investment solutions, Finbase is expected to solve dual targets in financial investment: always ensuring transparency and safety, and also becomes Convenience and attractions to bring practical benefits, prosperity for investors.Finbondx - Record instantly, immediately after only 1 week of investment here, working directly with consultants Finance of issuers / distribution agents is a familiar choice for investors when they want to trade bonds. With the birth of Finbase application with Finbondx flexible bond solutions, the house Investing from now on have a new option to make trading easier, more convenient. Investment house can be done Transaction 24/7, anywhere, anytime

. The investment will be recorded and begins to calculate profit immediately after making successful transactions, do not take time to match or wait through the day. Besides, Finbondx flexible bond investment can catch Early profitable immediately after only 1 week, and investors have 5 different options on interest rates depending on demand: 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months

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