Find 3,000-year-old Gold Mask In China

The 3,000-year-old gold mask and hundreds of relics discovered inside the sacrifice holes in southwestern China0: 00/2: 02 Nouthern Golden Gold Mask 3,000 year old in China According to Sichuan Provincial Cultural Heritage Department, A gold mask dating over 3,000 years is among hundreds of relics located in the new sacrificial holes discovered in Southwest China. The findings appear at Sanxingdui archaeological site, about 4, 6 square miles outside Chengdu. Since a local farmer happened to find ancient items in the 1920s, this incident discovered thousands of antiquities in this place. The gold mask was about 100 grams, which was part of what Big head in copper rather than an independent object. According to experts, the mask appeared from the end of the housing dynasty, ending in 1046 BC

. It is one of about 500 items discovered in sacrifice holes in recent months. In addition, they discovered ivory discharges, a pearl knife, a ritual jar called 'Zun', some figurines in a co-bronze mask at one of eight sacrifices in Sanxingdui relics. In the mid-1980s, archaeologists found two ritual holes containing more than 1,000 items
After a long time to stop excavation, it was discovered the third hole at the end of 2019, and then 5 more pieces in 2020. Many objects found in the holes used to burn according to the rite before Buried.Sanxingdui is located in the center of Thuc Thuc, a kingdom ruled in the Sichuan western basin until it is conquered in 316 BC. The detection at this location provides evidence of a unique culture.Tang Fei, director of the Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Archaeological Research Institute said: "New discoveries again Minh that the imagination and creativity of ancient Chinese people ". Many excavation objects in Sanxingdui are currently on display at a museum on site. Meanwhile, the excavation of two among holes is continuing to take place.Sanxingdui is in the "expected list" of Unesco's organization to consider recognition as a world heritage in the future. United Nations Agency describes this place with some other archaeological sites of Thuc's "Excellent representative of Chinese Bronze Age Civilization, East Asia and even the world". (translation)

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