Find A Car Thanks To 2 Airtag

American man finding a car lost by pasting up to 2 AIRTAG on the XE.02: 00/2: 14 namdan Guido, leadership of network security at Trail of Bits in New York stole Electric cars on August 2. The thief for the thief is Guido to paste 2 airtag inside the car with black adhesive tape. Thanks to the positioning device, Dan Guido found his car. This man shared the journey to search the car through 22 posts on Twitter

.dan Guido pointed out where Apple Airtag devices on the box His car. Photo: Dan Guido. "My tram was stolen last week, the thief did not know I hid 2 airtag inside the car
I used it to find my car again," Dan Guido divided Sharing on Twitter.Guido has reported to New York City Police Department for help but failed. The police suggested that they didn't know what equipment Airtag was and suspected he takes advantage of authorities to make a robbery.Guido said he was interrupted to find a car because they had to fly to Las Vegas to attend the Annival Ninh Blackhat. This man once thought that it would not be able to find electric cars if Airtag emitted noise and was discovered by others. In Airtag's latest update, this device will make a big sound if the owner Leaving away from positioning areas. The time Airtag sounds the sound is random, starting when not connected to the owner's iPhone after 8 hours. Fortunately, no one hears a sound and removes the device out of the car. After returning from the conference, Dan Guido continued to find his car through Apple.Guido's positioning convinced New York police again to support him to find the electric car and approved
After that, they followed the phone on the phone to a tram store. When entering, Guido received the "Ping" sound coming from the Airtag device and he found his car. After finding the car, Guido advised users who wanted to keep precious items with Airtag should be fastened This device enters a sticky glue, and needs to fix the lid part to the cry cannot be emitted. Users also cannot turn on lost mode (Lost Mode), because Airtag will signal to every Iphone around and the thief can be identified. He also said that the police help are always important Weight, or at least someone accompanies the position of lost position and want to get back .Apple Airtag is a tiny positioning product used to identify and search for lost objects and devices . Products equipped with Apple U1 chips and Ultra Wideband technology, helping users to monitor and locate the objects accurately to each CM.An Khangtheo CNET

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