Find Out The Remains Of ‘ma Ma’ Ever Married With Asian Ancestors

Nearly 3,800 pieces of remains actually belong to 3 individuals denisovans - Ma astore but mysterious, hidden in the Blood of Many Asians - was found in the cave in Siberia.0: 00/1: 54 Southern regions, what's left of 7 other individuals were found in Siberia or Tibet, but most were faint traces, such as DNA and in sediments of sacred cave in Tibet Or some pieces of stones in the state are not really good. So, they still exist as a "ghost" in human-type geneals - no complete remains, but DNA heterosexual from them Still appearing in a modern body, especially Asians.Hang Denisova in Siberia - Photo: Siberian Academy - NGATUAN SCIENCE Academy This time, Cave Denisova has provided 3,791 fossils Good condition to search for typical proteins in Denisovans's DNA. "We have specifically targeted these sediments, where no The else's fossils are found before, "said Dr

. Katerina Douka from the University of Vienna (Austria), said in Live Science. It is a soil layer that contains a lot of stone artifacts and animal monuments, which can be important clues about the life and behavior of denisovan. Fossils are 200,000 years old, belonging to 3 individuals Denisovan
The stone tools they use are similar to the 250,000-4 million-year-old tools found in Israel, marking a period of ancient species that reach major technological changes and use fire. Notably, artifacts in Israel belong to others. This is the first time the widgets from Denisovan are found.denisovans are another mankind, estimated to have extinct about 30,000 years ago. Also like Neanderthals, they married with our ancestor of our Homo sapiens a lot, thus leaving many traces in the DNA of some modern community communities. At the time of Homo Sapiens appeared, on Earth had about 8-9 different humans, but in turn extinct, except for us.

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