Find The Skeleton Of The Twins Over 1,000 Years Ago In Sweden

Archaeologists have discovered the 000 years of age of 8 people, including 4 adults and 4 children, inside the graves; They may be Vikings who have been wealthy to Christianity. A scene of a skeleton is preserved quite over 1,000 years ago. The viking grave is kept with good preserved skeletons, including pairs Twins, was discovered in Swedish's Sigtuna town.Johan Runer, Project Manager of Uppdrag Arkeeology, a cultural resource management company, led the excavation of this area said: "Special The Christianity of the graves are currently excavated to be very clear because the way the tombs are arranged. "Runer said, most people are buried according to the back position toward the east - West, while Traditional viking believers in this area of Sweden at this time tend to be cremated

. Close-up shows that one of the burial items found in the tombs in Sweden. They are supposed to be the Vikings who have been converted to Christianly lived about 1,000 years ago. Archaeologists also found coal residues and in some cases of a partial burnt coffin, showing the cremation ritual Available in at least four burial rites
Runer said: "Such phenomena are quite common in the Viking period of Christians, but previously quite rare in Sigtuna." The stone boxes were also found on the top of four graves, one Among them are surrounded by a stone box (the stones are classified in a box) around it. Runer said: "These characteristics were previously unknown from Sigtuna town". Also note that they are popular in the primitive Christian tombs in this area of Sweden, about 37 km northwest of Stockholm.Bi Drama of the Vikingsians said, one The tomb can contain the body of the twins. In a grave, there are two very small children at the same age. The preliminary explanation of the team is "This grave contains tragic results of a late miscarriage of a twins." The graves also contain some interesting artifacts. Runer said, an individual is buried with a "leather belt containing iron accessories and silver-plated copper alloys" and silver coins found in his mouth. Placing the coin into the mouth of a dead person is a fairly common practice for Viking's burial burials in central Sweden
Another grave contained a beautifully decorated bone comb in a box. The archaeologists discovered these graves in late April in a regional survey with a house It is about to be built. Archaeologists have excavated this place in May and are continuing to analyze skeletons and artifacts. An osteoarthriter is expected to check the skeletons well stored this fall. Ha Thuutheo Live Science

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