Find Yourself In A More Beautiful Version

It is the sharing of Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi (born in 1997, living in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM). Ms. 9x became a short Tiktoker in a short time with the "Eat Clean 'and his own weight loss and weight loss journey.0: 00/2: 35 NAMTHU children started creating content about lifestyle Healthy eating on the Tiktok platform around June 6, 2021

. Up to now, this Tiktoker has more than 300,000 followers and more than 4 million loves. At the same time, the revenue also gave himself a closed group on Facebook with more than 3,400 participants. Before these impressive numbers, the children confided: "I feel extremely unexpected
At first he also wondered if he had something that made many people like to come. But now, I realize what makes everyone I'm the journey I have experienced as well as the way I share with everyone is extremely honest, close and inspired ".nhi said , the basic principles of "EAT Clean" will encourage people to apply more pure foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains ... before becoming a person with a way Eating healthy, good for health and possessing a lot of girls dreaming, the children used to be very selfish and informed about themselves. This Tiktoker shares himself once a defective appearance with biceps, big calves, abdomen with excess fat. So, Children cannot confidently communicate, affirming themselves. The relationships that she you encounter is very negative. The peak is when you are trusting your back, she is determined to find yourself in a more beautiful version, more complete
Children with beautiful appearance and attractive chat. Doing all the way to lose weight as fasting, drink vinegar, use weight loss drugs ... those actions that make her many times almost lose their lives. Thanks to the family in the facilitating side, the children understand the methods carefully and more scientific. She chose Gym combined with "Eat Clean" as a companion. Children's efforts are rewarded with a toned body, the face clearly revealed the contour. Although the present is no longer exercising but the children still keep their own healthy eating habits and regular exercise. One of the funny cooking videos of Nhi's humorous cooking makes people not to laugh. TIKTOK accounts named Defuge Vo shared before Nhi's positive videos: "I really like there are friends like you, both energetic people. Wish you always happy and happy. "Be loved by young people, helping many people find a safe weight loss method, the children feel like themselves are also transmitted a source of motivation to do more videos Sharing. Following, the recording will continue to create content about "EAT Clean", develop its community and spread the inspiration to live beautiful, live happy, live well to many people.

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