Findings Are On A Dating 1 Person, 3 Girls With Flip Bleaching The Moon Men Make The Netizens Very Satisfied

If anyone ever watched the movie 'wife, lover, lover', it would have seen this context very familiar with.0 of: 00/1: 43 nammorgan tabor, 21 years old, feel something wrong With his boyfriend. Recently, she began to find messages flirting with him from many women on social networks. Even, she also caught their romantic photos. Morgan Tabor

.Tabor then immediately contacted the two of his boyfriend's flirting list, as Abi Roberts and Bekah King. Surprisingly, these two women did not know he was dating with a person. Early angry and disappointed, but all three girls decided on "Alliance" together to "Catching" the Department " Khanh Kia
And the day of overturning also arrived, when the boyfriend appeared at the tabor house with a bouquet of flowers, Tabor called Facetime with Roberts and King. "Look at this, I met a few new friends," Tabor Holding the phone screen in front of his boyfriend.3 girl discovered they were dating with 1 person. Satisfied their other two "girlfriends" on the phone, the man collapsed in surprised. He asked forgiveness in despair, but of course, all three girls were "kicked" him. Tabor recounts, it's a moment "Y Like Movie". But, everything doesn't stop there. After kicking his boyfriend, all three girls gradually talked to each other more, and then became close friends. I became close friends. "We shared together Many things, and all three have more in common than I imagine
We immediately became good friends, "Roberts shared. All three are so far, they organized tourism around the United States together, and formed a Instagram account with more than 65,000 followers. This girl has become a close friend thanks to a very fried situation Teasing, but thanks to it, the relationship of the three people became more stable than ever. According to Le Duy / Law

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