‘finish Crying Laugh’ When Google Translates Becomes … Ladies, It Turns Out That Users Like Jokes!

Accordingly, Google has a 'open' feature for all users to contribute to translating words, phrases and sentences from one language to another. The result of translation is most agreed by many people to become a common result for the Google Translate feature. Recently, Google translates suddenly turns into a "joke" for social network users. Specifically, when users fill in the sentence "What Doing You Now" from English to Vietnamese will receive the results with the content: "Wrong and then it must be what are you doing now". (Photo: Duc Thien) Google users have posted this error on social networking sites, sharing the surprise when a company is famous for everyone with such silly errors

. Come 14h on August 16, the translation of English sentences The above has been replaced with a Vietnamese word phrase, whether the original is wrong grammar. This is not the first time Google translates encounter such silly errors. Earlier in 2019, when translating the phrase "Go O Morning" from English to Vietnamese, the result returned as "English recorder, must be Good Morning"
Or the phrase "I'm TR", returns the results of "wrong spelling and cheeks". According to find out, this error comes from the user's contribution feature. According to Google, contributing the translation helps improve the accuracy of the language. However, this feature is also repeatedly used to produce confusing translation results, meaninglessness even has a ridiculous part.Google uses contextual web translations to put into the intellectual system Create yourself. In this case, because the English sentence is wrong, there will be no Vietnamese contributions. Some users have taken advantage of this vulnerability in Google's policy translated to provide a translation with false content. Before that, the Vietnamese netizens used to disturb Google Maps when creating virtual vites around Lake Lake Lake in Dubai Purpose is to ..
"Check-in". Detective, some netizens have flagged, creating a new location on Google Maps with ... Personal information series. From the house of this person, the other came to express his feelings with Crush. It is not difficult to catch names like: Thinh Love Vi, Family Family, Huy Hoang and Kim Kim ... It is true that love reaches the universe, Vietnamese name but appears in Dubai. This "joke" has not left anything serious but it gets ugly to go to the image of the Vietnamese network community in the eyes of international friends. Logistics (General)

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