Finished As Eel, The Girl Makes A Horrific Disaster In The Kitchen

Looking at the girl struggling with the recent 'eel eel "in the clip is transmitted by Netizen, everyone is terrified, it is true that cooking is not easy. However, eating, it is easy to do it. Even many people are afraid of souls when we look at this animal, only when they are processed, they are no longer afraid of. The eel is not simple, who must be really skillful, careful and cooked I can do it. Because the eel is very slippery, long is a bit of hand from the preparation

. Newly, a girl "brave" her cooking with eel dishes to make the kitchen a horrific disaster. Bought a lot of eels. It is unclear how people are processed but the owner has put all the number of eels just bought in the pot and boasted
However, the end there was a whole soul. Because too many eels, when the pot hasn't kept hot and she has swung out and unfortunately, the eel in the cow's pot out and falling to the floor, creating a scene extremely terrible . Eel with a snake also has the same part, this scene causes many people to think of a full-solid horror film that snakes cow into the house. But, after a while with his friend "overcome consequences", The girl has completed a very delicious eel dish, regreting to be a "tank" filming clip to guide the process of making eel. Reactions, more than 7000 comments with nearly 2000 people shared from netizens. "With his kitchen experience, eels are the most difficult-to-process species, who is always very slippery and viscous. Don't know how to clean it Difficult to process and eat well! " Or "olives, have to put the salt for it to die and remove the lubricant. Finish the boiled water to clean and clean it? I don't have it? ? "..
Netizen comments commented on the funny moment on. Feaded as cooking is an extremely difficult thing to cook hard-to-hindish items. Many Netizens, girls should More clever because of extremely slippery eels, hard to keep. Doing like this only procedures suffering into people. Precious readers See more Video: Cooking rice in Western style - Source: VTV24Thien Anh

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