Fire Forest In Many Countries Due To Hot Sunshine

More than 600 Portuguese firefighters on August 17 participated in extinguishing a forest fire in the south of the country, a day after the fire flared up, tying dozens of people to leave the house. Portugal's civil protection agency said the fire was currently controlled after burning at least 9,000 hectares of forests, fruit orchards and land with many shrubs. The upper fire began to flare up in the Castro Marim's self-managing area near the border between Portugal and Spain. According to the Richard Marques Regional Civil Protection Force, strong winds made the fire spread quickly On the town of Tavira and the city of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, forcing local authorities to evacuate people from the villages. A firefighter was taken to the hospital after being burned, while the two others were hospitalized by inhaling smoke from the fire on the above fire

. Fire on duty at the forest fires in the province of Avila, Central West Ban Nha on August 16, 2021. Photo: AFP / VNA at that time, in Spain, the authorities announced the forest fires flared on August 14 in Navalacruz urban area, near the center of Avila central, currently decreasing. At Israel, The country's firefighting agency on August 17 said it was controlled that forest fires flared up in the west of Jerusalem in August 15
According to the upper agency, after 52 hours attempting to extinguish fires, all fires around Jerusalem have been controlled. Also according to this agency, although the above fires do not cause casualties, but burned 2,500 hectares of forest. Due to concerns about the influence due to forest fires, hundreds of families have been evacuated from 10 villages in the west of Jerusalem in 3 days. This summer many countries in Europe have to face hot waves and Fierce forest fires. According to climate research scientists, the above fires will increase due to the warming of the Earth originating from human activities. Department of Science (VNA)

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