Fire House

She pulled up her skirt, slammed, put on the nose, then pointed straight to the sky ..., her husband continued: 'It turns out to go to the mountains to sell shrimp sauce .

.., can you save anything Isn't it? '0: 00/1: 03Nam Southern couple (deaf husband, dumb wife) live together, very happy and understands each other. The meal to work on the husband and wife asked his wife: - Heard the burning, the house who burned? The wife heard that she led to the dress pointed into "it" and pointed to the left
.., her husband said: - Well, the butterfly house in the eastern village ...: Where does the wife go home to fire the house? She pulled her skirt up, slammed, put on the nose, then pointed straight to the sky ..., England Husband continued: - It turns out of them to sell the mountains to sell shrimp .
., can you save anything? The wife is back, pulling up the skirt, two hands rubbing into the butt ..., the husband sighed : - Poor, so clean fire, smooth like ...! But why not call the fire? My wife ran to hug her husband, speeding up .. and pretending to be "that" ..., then patted the "Lapp" one into the stomach, sadly Lanyle: - Heaven! Fire trucks to arrive at the new fire pump ..., overwhelmed too hand to explode both tires. It is exactly the subjective subject in the country of Quang Vinh

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