Firebird I Xp-21 – Gm’s Most Craziest Aircraft Car Model

Firebird I XP-21 is one of the most crazy, most innovative concepts in GM's history. It was designed as a fighter, but rolled up on the ground. For car enthusiasts, this firebird I XP-2 is almost associated with Pontiac's muscle car Exported in 1967 to 2002. However, few people remembered that it was also used for four creative turbine-free turbine vehicles from the 1950s. The first and given the most quirky named The code is Firebird I XP-21, a car that looks like a wheel fighter

. In the 1950s, the US industry has exploded strongly and in the field of cars, manufacturers have come out Apart from the framework than ever. It is the period where engineers and designers are free to innovate, creating a variety of breakthrough vehicles. In General Motors, this is when they continue to study the feasibility of gas turbine engines in cars, a project started in the 1940s
How to revise a plane engine and insert it inside Cars are not new, with Fiat has successfully built the S76 "Beast of Turin" in 1910. However, using a jet engine is a completely different advantage, attracting the minds of many The bright engineer of that time and the Firebird I XP-21 aircraft car is the same. A of them are Emmett Conklin, a legendary character in GM history. He joined the company when he was young in the 1920s, and was originally built for Milford Proving Ground, the first specialized car testing facility in the world. After that, he made a trial tire swap, and then moved to become a trial driver. He was an extremely intelligent person with a technical passion, Conklin often worked on the test cars he Drive, repair, and improve them. The management issued that and promoted to him to monitor the test line and finally, he was chosen to work in the Turbin engine research program began in the 1940s. After World War II ended and GM began to put resources on the project again, Conklin was chosen to monitor the first US fully complete gas turbine development process. Considered a concept of techniques and styles, Firebird I was born in 1953. Designed by Harley J
Earl, who behind the Opel project that eventually became Chevrolet Corvette, it looked like a machine Fighat rather than a normal car. It is completely made of fiberglass, car body (or rather than a fuselage) inspired by Douglas F4D Skyray fighter with wings shaped The small triangle, the tail section is decorated with the logo of the air transport department of GM (GMATS), and the glass cage covered a cockpit. The nose contains a 132.5 liter fuel tank and behind the small drive cavity is a breakthrough engine with a great name. Growed under the direction of Charles L. McCuen, Whirlfire Turbo-Power is a dynamic The two-pieces turbine contains a gasized axis connected via a flexible axis with a secondary power supply. The gasization combines a compressor and a turbine mixing air compressed with fuel inside two combustion chambers. It creates hot air operating the second turbine inside the power supply, linked to the rear axis of Firebird via a two-level planetary gearbox. The output power is rated as 370 horsepower and the car Concept can Reach the theoretical speed of 322 km / h. This powerful capacity requires a strong braking system, so engineers have 11 inches (28 cm) brake drums outside to help distribute heat more efficiently. Moreover, the edges of the car wing also equipped with separate brakes that can be activated by the switch on the steering wheel. The Firebird I XP-21 This poison is so scary to the point that the only person is considered pepper Standard to drive it in the original tests is Emmett Conklin. The old story said he accelerated to 160 km / h, but immediately after moving to the second number, the tires were lost their loss of sugar and nearly led to the accident. After that, he said that he himself was too old for this job, and eventually handover the trial for Mauri Rose, who had 3 times to win Indy 500 and also an engineer. The craziest vehicle ever created, Firebird I XP-21 has paved the way for three GM prototypes running with gas turbines, which was also released in the 1950s. Along with Rover Jet1 or Fiat Turbina, it is one of those The first car uses this engine. It launched the public in Motorama 1954, an automobile exhibition organized by GM from 1949 to 1961, and was used as a successful advertising means for the company for many years later. Now, this aircraft body is on display at GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan.Video: Watching Firebird I XP-21 - GM's craziest aircraft car.

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