With years of experience, master Nguyen Huu Tan studied, artificial breeding success many aquatic breeding characteristics are gradually scarce in DBSCLSinh in a family for generations farming, sticking to the soil so he Nguyen Huu Tan (live Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province) special charm of the native fish species such as fish southwest spirit, bullhead phenomenon ... these fish have strong vitality and very tasty meat and nutritious. "childbirth" for CanAm in 1986, after graduating from the fisheries sector Can Tho University, Mr

. Tan worked at the Department of fisheries Dong Thap province. He was assigned the job is to build the aquatic center san.Tu like that, though holding public positions, Mr
Tan has completed the task. He always cherished studies to fish typical western waters to both conservation and quality seed sources for commercial farmers, do giau.Sau many years of work, his home town, Chau Thanh Tan built premises with fish nursery tank system, measuring 7,000 m2 pond. On the day he was plying his research giong.Theo Tan fish, fish breeders need to understand the characteristics of each species breeding in order to create suitable conditions, high efficiency. In 1992, his "midwifery" success Goby - a species of fish are scarce, especially the size lon.Ong Tan recalled: "Unlike shrimp, Goby parents to reproductive period captive General then injected stimulant, after a few hours, then lay eggs. eggs are picked out for the basin in particular, about 18 to 24 hours after hatch. Add one month fed infancy (daphnia), we will grow into fry, fingerlings can sell "Nguyen Huu Tan .Thac successfully breed several species characterized in DBSCLSau when sold goby first litter, Mr Tan received positive feedback from farmers
Later, he also exports fish to Taiwan - China at high prices. Goby breeding success profitable for farmers, help reduce fishing in the wild - which can lead to dry kiet.Khong stop there, Mr. Tan also successfully breed fish parts, serve needs of all before the flood ponds. According to Mr Tan, fish species spawn flexible semi-floating (Semi-submersible) so breeding often in the evening, have a hot oxygen continuously at broodstock pairs. It is interesting that when mating and mating, they emit cries. "Over the years in the profession, I discovered only fish parts and carp honor emit cries. Hear the fish cried, jumping rattle on water mixed voice murmuring water that I know they're mating. a few hours after spawning, I drained the tank, cloth nets inspiration fertilized eggs for in other tanks to hatched fry. Number fish spiritual parents is I drop into the pond together with some food so they can recover, "- Mr. Tan said." Brother "by birth only Anyone year, Mr Tan provides hundreds of millions of fish parts powder to farmers in Dong Thap to breed and provide young fish parts market. He has a special affection for individual components not only for aquatic species is Memories of many people, but also because they bring a lot of economic value, farmers can exploit. "The people I should fish parts replacement because fishing eradicated. there is such a new hope the next generations known fish species characteristic of the region. If not, the momentum of exploitation despite such a long time, when the next generation only know the fish parts, goby statues, colorful fish ... through books "- said Mr. Tan Tan wondered khoan.Nho guide, many households have personal spiritual breeding success. After a month, on 10 hectares of paddy area may be harvested 1.5 tonnes of fish, with an average price of 130,000 VND / kg may be income of 170 million. "In addition to helping children like Mr. Tan also enthusiastic manual processes fish parts that achieve economic efficiency high. As a result, families have developed good fish farming model flexible "- Mr. Le Thanh Hai - live TP Hong Ngu, Dong Thap - excited. in recent years, Mr. Tan also involved in teaching. He is currently Deputy Director of the Department of Aquaculture - Dong Thap University. Not only taught through books, Master Tan also established a fish-producing areas, including parts of 50 aquariums, perch, catfish, snail, water hyacinth ... for students to observe and study. many students were very interested in the actual teaching of Mr. Tan. "Mr. Tan has teaching methods are easy to understand. Students often he led field trips to capture the knowledge very quickly. Mr. Tan as the eldest in the family, always teach students hearted" - a Dong Thap University students feel kich.Tam blood, take tuyTheo Pham Van Tam - Head of technical, training, technology Transfer Center agricultural Services Chau Thanh - Nguyen Huu Tan's Masters who care blood and dedicated aquaculture profession. Anyone wanting to fish but not enough experience are his dedicated guidance and convey much useful knowledge. His work not only helps conserve Tan aquatic species characteristics but also create new wind aquaculture sector in particular local, regional and photos chung.Bai MD said: Sanming

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