‘fishing In Mangroves’ Won The First Prize In The International Photo Contest Taken From Above

Photographing 'fishing in mangroves' of Pham Huy Trung photographer has won the highest prize topic 'Human' Single photo contents, at the international photo contest Drone Photo Awards 2021. The image of Pham Huy Trung Shooting straight from above, describing a fisherman starting his fishing day in the mangrove forest in Tam Giang, Thua Thien Hue. The photo impressed by the moment, the mangrove forest has fallen all leaves and turns white throughout the winter. Drone Photo Awards contest for photos taken from high-level devices and vehicles, belonging to the solution Rewards International Photography Siena Photo Awards was born since 2015, attracted professional and not specialized machines around the world. The image of Pham Huy Trung won the top topic "People" in 2021, the team The position receives about 14,000 images from more than 100 countries

. Although the name is Drone Photo Awards, not all photos are made by the remote control flight (drone). Many photos are taken from commercial aircraft, helicopters, balloons, Although, airship, kites and even missiles. This has brought the variety, unique and overall quality for photos
Contest divided into 3 categories: single photos, photo and video images. Single photos divided into topics: people, nature, municipality, animals, sports ... "sea flowers" of Vu Ngoc TuanRieng a single photo category, "human" theme this year, in addition to the photo The most highest prize mentioned above, there are 7 works of Vietnamese machines that reach the finals, bringing people to view the typical images of Vietnamese human beauty in labor or cultural activities. It was a "super bridge" of Bui Phu Khanh, "Buddhist" and "grass harvest" of Khanh Phan, "exposing fish" and "visiting the grid on the lake" by Nguyen Tan Tuan, "fishing" by Nguyen Phuoc Hoi, "Sea flowers" of Vu Ngoc Tuan.I in the photo category, Nguyen Tan Tuan's hand, also reached the finals with a "terraced field of terraced fields" with 6 photos, taken in the water season in May at one Number of landmarks of Bat Xat District and Sa Pa Town in Lao Cai Province.

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