Fitness Coach Comment On The Abdominal Muscles Of Male Singer

Baek Ho of Nu'est and other singers like Jang Jun (Golden Child), Hong Seok (Pentagon) is rated with firm physique. In recent videos, the bodybuilder of many stars Kim Dae Hyun and Lee Seok Jun discussed the training process with some idols. Song Kang, Father Eun Woo (Astro), Kim Min Kyu ..

. are Kim Dae Hyun people in charge. In the chat, the two coaches are asked to named the most beautiful body. Although it has not met directly, every coach has seen the cover of idols in Men's Health magazine Korean version
Kim Dae Hyun offers names like Beak Ho (Nu'est), Jang Jun's Golden Child, Hong Seok (Pentagon) and Moonbin of Astro. According to Koreaboo, the two coaches constantly praise Jang Jun's abdominal muscles on the Cover No. 11/2020. Photo: Men's Health Korea. Golden Child Very diligently practiced physically. He is the first idol for managed by workout. He used to recognize many clothes because of exercising too much. In addition, Jang Jun also nicknamed "the crustacean of Woollim Entertainment". Photo: Men's Halt Korea. "I think Hong Seok did very well to reduce body fat
Even I could see the tendons floating on his shoulders and biceps," Kim Dae Hyun said. Photo: Men's Health Korea. Fountain December 2020 marks the second time Hong Seok appears on the cover of this magazine. After the photo shoot in July 2019, male singer was almost every day to the Gym room to exercise even though the schedule is busy. Photo: Men's Health Korea. Other statues make fans about the recent physical moonbin. Though not fully disclose the torso, the coach spent Astro praise for members of his burly shoulders. They also named "king shoulder" for Moonbin. Interview in 2018, Moonbin said often trying to schedule schedules about 10am. This is the time he starts the new day. Regarding the diet, Astro member follows what has been planned by coaches. He mainly eat chicken breast, egg whites, sweet potatoes, salad ... Photo: Men's Health Korea.Tuy course, when it comes to idol has the most beautiful body, Baek Ho is named. Two coaches commented on him with masculine face and toned body. "I personally see Baek Ho has many male hormones. Therefore, I saw him with great potential in maintaining physique," Kim Dae Hyun said. Photo: Men's Health Korea.Baek Ho has different practice habits every day. Each training session, he focuses on a certain part of the body and adjusts the strength according to the feeling. Photo: The Qoo. Besides, Lee Seok Jun thinks that if the diet is improved, Jang Jun can have a better body. 6-piece abdominal muscles do not need to use a lot of limits Belly, creating toned muscles can be carried out at home, no need to use Ta.Phuong An

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