Five Years Of Security Salary 9 Million, Startled For The Opportunity To Change Life

If before, this office woman saw a fairly stable life, when the disease was complicated, now was unemployed, there was no cumulative accumulating, making it not removed from regret 9: 00/3: 33 South Southern 5 years, Tran Thanh Tu in Ha Dong, Hanoi loyal to the reception work of a book company on Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Hanoi. Ms. Tu said, after graduation, she went here to work with a starting salary of VND 7 million. After 5 years, she was increased by 2 million, to VND 9 million. "Just graduated, go to work for several months, I married

. He hiredly leased the car repair shop, a monthly salary 13 million. The total income of the couple is 22 million VND / month. Wedding, I have a child
In the five years he was born two of them because it was also convenient. The wife has a level 4 house to stay so it does not have to worry about hires like many other young families, "said shrine, which is simple to the young family's day with living in the city, family 4 people The month of spending about VND 12 million, still 10 million savings to build a new house. At the last year, after 5 years of spouses, the spouses to do with 700 million, the couple to decide to beat the old house cramped To build a 3-storey house with a 42m2 area. The whole house moved to a new house for more than 3 months, the Covid-19 translation began complicated movements.Do the influence of the disease, the company also had few things that Tu had to take a break at home without pay. Gara repaired the car where her husband made a few hours and two months now closed.Hai couple was unemployed in the epidemic, no monthly income, the saving money was all over the house, so young This is really struggling. Also at this point, Tu recalled 2-3 years, she invited her online sales but didn't care and ignored and announced with the receptionist work, for stable income. At home, there was no income, so parents from the country sent food essential to the children "2 years ago, his old friend quit moving to business online clean food, selling very well. She offered to ask me to share and train me
You will protect your reputation and make it difficult for good income. Income a month from online sales is still several times for its current monthly salary. But, I don't dare to fix the fixed job to stay at home online so they refused, so they refused, "remembering. My work, saw her very crowded and has a familiar guest file, so the work of doing business. Even thanks to the online business you eat, you should make, buy a house, buy a car after two years of opening shop. In the days of social distance, it is difficult to explore and divert the sale of real items Essentials and daily delicacies that your online sales work are still very convenient, earn money / day. "In the translation season, her work is almost unaffected. Conversely, the writer Rooms and wage work as my husband and wife are affected a lot, even having to unemployed at home without income and parents in the countryside must send food to their children ". Working on the day of the epidemic's day, the office worker liked to eat durable as newly realized because he had not tried online sales before, it was not determined to change the work with a salary of 9 million. While she You have been in a hand, no matter how long the epidemic is not worried about it, the couple is still there, not breaking up. Knowing the business is not easy and very hard, But the current situation has cornered the difficult family and revealed future risks. Business with winning, losing but not starting, never comes, furthermore the situation is nothing to choose. Therefore, the mind changes, she thinks, the next time enlisting the days at home will learn online despite being difficult, and later, it is fine and good income will take the right moving Business. Before the eye, Tu collected sales according to your instructions. Commodity season consumption is slower, but still sells. Therefore, there are still incomes and money still in daily, not unemployed and clean as work as work.

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