Fixing The 800-year-old Buddha’s Buddha’s Statue, Accidentally Discovering A Secret Space, The Delegation Was Amazingly Visible To See Something Inside

What is found inside the secret space designed in the abdomen of the governor Buddha, causing the people to be surprised at the same time.0 of: 00/5: 02 Nam in the "Bodhi shelf" wrote: "Bodhsitics only target, Ha Lao Huong Huyen Huyen? Hearing Medical Try Try, Western only at the money!" (ie: Buddha just looked in the soul, but what to seek deep outside? Just cultivating such a Western, Western, I was right in front of your eyes). Development process for thousands of calendar years History, not only helps China get a profound cultural foundation but also helps Chinese culture become more diverse with many different types of cultures. Religion is also one of those diverse cultures. The spear is one of the religions with a long history in China

. Buddhism originates from India, introduced to China from the ethetic time, then gradually developed popular here.Tuy that Buddhism is not indigenous of China but is a lot of people fetish, until this day, the temples, Buddhist statues are still built and repaired. In the scenic scenic area in Darcing, Chongqing, China has a thousand-time Buddha statue
This negative Buddha was built since Southern Tong, which was one of the ancient art masterpieces caused people to be admiring, carrying cultural, artistic, holiday history. In the scenic scenic area of the stone, Chongqing, China. According to the records, the thousand-hand Buddha's statue has a total of 830 arms, including a broken arm, but that's not Effecting the beauty of the statue. So far, this project has existed for more than 800 years. In the past 800 years, the statue has suffered a lot of impact of Ti Ti Through, experiencing the rain of sunny wind rain, suffered destruction, abrasion, lost the original appearance inherent. According to historical records, before the statue is intact, unbearable Harmful, the statue is extremely brilliant, bringing the prestige of the Holy Spirit, extremely magnificent. However, this time, the brilliant expression has faded long ago, the rest is only the scene Tieu thuy.tuy that in history people have also conducted reciprocal of this statue, but because the technical level is limited so the remodeling is not thorough, perfect. Buddhist statues of the thousand-hand Buddha, the Chinese State Department of Citadians decided to conduct the restoration, repairing this statue. During this restore time, the employee group harvested a big surprise
Fixed the Buddha's statue. Unexpectedly in the future of the Buddhist statue, people only determine this is a building Normally, the staff proceeded to restore plans and order as other works to conduct renovation. Surprise has appeared when a worker accidentally discovered a secret part of the statue : The belly statue of negligence suddenly opened a space. All people were attractive, curious to know what to know in the Buddha's abdomen. After reporting to the upper level, add a delegation to come The scene was examined and extremely happy to find the blank compartment inside the Buddha's abdomen with a stone sheer, some golden pieces of crumbs with a few ceramic pieces. On the stone plate carved, record the calendar History related to this thousand-hand quong statue. Then, it is also known to be in the fourth year of the 45th, in the center of Toai Ninh district, there is a man Justice named Truong Phi Long has joined his family together to renovate the Buddha's statue of this hand. Ancient religious culture. And at a certain angle, it helped fill the missing gaps in history. A worker is remodeling the Buddha statue. While, the golden pieces of leaves with a broken ceramic shown technique Ancient restoration. In terms of time and space, they contribute to dragging closer the gap between us today and the ancient people. The discovery of the secret space in the statue has also made everyone extremely surprised. A statue seemed to be very normal but was designed such a secret space, moreover, this secret space was not damaged by the impact of nature, still Conservation intact to this day. The wisdom of ancient people is not independently viewed. Buddhism in Chinese society in 6 years in 2015, the work of renovating the Stone Sculpture Buddha of the Thousand Hands in the Darabase has completed and restored The brilliant beauty inherently of the statue, so that it can continue to stand here, protecting people, helping traditional Chinese culture continue to be luminous and developed. In the future, the statue This will continue to conserve

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