Fixture 3 Asian U23 Qualifiers 2022 Of U23 Vietnam Team

Set aim to win tickets to the U23 Asian Finals 2022, Vietnam U23 team will have to take care and calculate very carefully in 3 upcoming qualifying matches in 2010/2: 48 male team RECRUITING U23 VIETNAM WILL VIETNAMESE UBAY U23 ROUND 2022 At the end of October. Photo: VFFTheo The lottery results announced by AFC in the afternoon of July 9, Vietnam U23 team will enter the race at the Asian U23 qualifier 2022 with rivals at Table I in the east area, including: Myanmar, Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan host (China). This table is considered to be "quite easy to breathe" with teachers of Coach Park Hang-seo, because these rivals are not too superior. 9/7, Coach Park Hang-seo has rushed to welding The family is sad. It is known that Mr

. Park will return to Vietnam 1 month and will return to Vietnam in the middle of August to continue the preparation for the national team to attend the 3rd round of FIFA World Cup 2022 and U23 Vietnam to attend the round Type of Asian U23 2022. According to the plan, the qualifying phase will be held from October 23 to October 31, in which the Vietnam U23 team's team will take place in Taiwan (China). Permanent Vice Chairman of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Tran Quoc Tuan said that the first goal of the U23 Vietnam team is still continuing to win the qualifying victory to contribute to the U23 finals Asia 2022
Asian U23 Asia 2022 is a very important tournament for the age of adjacent players of the national team level. In fact proven, since the first time held in 2016 so far, Vietnam U23 team continuously crosses the qualifying qualifiers to contribute to the final round of the prize, including historical milestones reach the final at the U23 Asia Prize in 2018, recorded the strong step of Vietnamese football in the continental arena. "From now until the U23 Asian qualifying Asia 2022, the Vietnamese U23 team South is expected to have 2 more trips. In the coming time, VFF will join Coach Head of Park Hang-SEO and professional departments will continue to discuss to develop a careful preparation plan for the U23 Vietnam team, ensuring towards the next target continue to win the right to attend the U23 Asia finals ", VPF Tran Quoc Tuan Standing Vice President, said that the U23 Asia 2022 qualifiers have a total of 42 teams, of which 23 teams in the western region (Including West Asia, South Asia, Central Asia) is divided into 6 tables and 19 teams in the eastern region (including East Asia and Southeast Asia) are divided into 5 tables. The team will play according to the form Circle a ranking point calculation at each table. 11 most teams and 4 second teams with the best achievements will be selected to play the finals, hosted by Uzbekistan from 1/6 to 19/6/2022. Wisdom / News News

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