Fixture, Direct Shining Channel Round 13 Premier League 2021/22: Chelsea Vs Mu

Updated Fixture, Direct Shanging Canal Round 13 Premier League 2021/22: The 19th Premier League Focus This weekend is the confrontation between Chelsea vs MU. Chelsea battle vs Mut the most attention to the 13th round Grade 2021/2022 will definitely be the stamford Bridge stadium between Chelsea and MU. Before this week, Chelsea showing the power of "destruction" with the top spot in both the Champions League and the British Premier League. Tichel's teachers are having a string of 10 unbeaten battles in every arena, they also beat Juventus to 4-0 in the European arena. Links with The Blues are very high, MU is in real situation It was okay with the Achievements and Coach Solskjaer had to bid farewell to the team

. However, positive signals are also more or less coming to the Reds when they have beat Villarreal in the closest match and win tickets to the first round of the Champions League with the top of the table. Chelsea is much higher. But MU is always unpredictable when they own good qualified individuals
One result in London is now not "impossible" with a red half into Manchester. This week there are other attractive matches such as the strength between Man City vs West Ham. While The Citizens was racing to champion with Chelsea, coach teachers David Moyes owned in the top 4. What West Ham expressed since the beginning of the season, it was not a vulnerable opponent. During the day of sublimation, the Antonio, Benrahma or Fornals can completely make it difficult for any team, including Man City. In addition, there are other matches such as Arsenal vs Newcastle, Liverpool vs Southampton ... Fixture, direct showing channel round 13 Premier League: * 19h30, 27/11: Arsenal vs Newcastle (K Sport 1) * 22h00, November 27: Liverpool vs Southampton (K Sport 1) * 22h00, 27/11: Norwich vs Wolves (K Life, K Live 1) * 22h00, 27/11: Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa (K Sport 2) * 00h30, November 28: Brighton vs Leeds (K Sport 1) * 21h00, November 28: Brentford vs Everton (K Cine, K Live 2) * 21h00, November 28: Man City vs West Ham (K Sport 1) * 21h00, November 28: Leicester vs Watford (K Life, K Live 1) * 21h00, November 28: Burnley vs Tottenham (K Sport 2) * 23h30, November 28: Chelsea vs MU (K Sport 1) British Premier League 2021 / 22chi people

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