‘flavor “: Audience Recommends To Apply Her Secret To Her

In Episode 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The movie 'Firacy Flavor', despite being coldly rejected by the South, Long is still 'thick face' to stick and successfully get the affection of lover when applying Ms. Ms. 00: 00/0: 00 Nam in the Episode 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The movie "Flavor", in the South construction site, I have been confided with African love with Long. Listening to the confidences of men, do not adversely adversely lives with what they think are right, live for themselves and think about the active long-terms have made the male family when she works abroad. "I think you have to love me how long do you care, take care of me," - Africa

. again. Male once thought the love story was of 2 people should give up self-respect to Long. However, men shared, what she received was just a humiliation, embarrassment, because the long things did she couldn't reach
Nam and Long talked in a heavy rain. Photo: VTV. In another detail, while driving, Long saw men walking alone under the rain. Long came to the south. Seeing so long, the South said: "Why is it so miserable, you can hold the box or sit on the car to rain, so it is not to speculate. What do you do like this? ". In response, Long only said to ask for more time. Before the statement of the perspective of Long, Nam said in a non-voice tone: "3 years, I have two love to end. You can easily change too. He did this as because of the feeling or errors stopped
I ask you. Don't add each other anymore. " After that, the South had walked away when she stood silently, the next day, the male had a fever. Ms. Bich called Long to bring her daughter. However, Long admits only to take advantage of opportunities and said: "People who are sick are very crushed". After eating the porridge, Long finds every way to stay home, and the South is still cold into the closure room. But then, with a little "trick", Long hugged men into his lap. Nam also opened his heart, receiving love from Long.Nam burst into tears when Long suddenly appeared, hugging her from behind. Photo: VTV. See the circumstances around Long-Nam's affectionate movements in Episode 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The movie "Taste Love", many audiences are excited because the couple has come back with together. Commenting on the "move" of the Fanpage of the movie, Phuong Linh account shared: "This man is very tricky, how can I go about." And Hien Thu accounts expressed: "This owl, Long hears her gradually bring both buffaloes and nghé." Commenting on both episodes, accounts parked To said: "Really actually practicing today does not attend the audience after the day looks, just wait for Long to tell me me?". In addition, about the couple back together, the Dao Nhung account shares: "This episode Ms. Bich achieved a score 10 took a suddenly deletion of her for men." Episode 90 (Part 2, Episode 19) Movie "Love taste" will broadcast at 21:00 on August 23 on VTV1.Minh An channel

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