‘flavor Body’ Episode 89: Male Responding To Dan

In Episode 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The movie 'Firacy Taste', South did not agree to add a long time with me.0: 00/2: 44 Nam in episode 88 (Part 2, Episode 17 ) The movie "Taste Love", Ms. Sa asked ton about the battle of "dog" to extortion. Mr. Tan shared that, gave the person who learned and knew that the "dog" battle needed money to take care of his father

. However, what makes tons worried is that he was born (prisoner instead of tons of prisoners) who are on the father's parties. Mr. Tan told Ba Sa: "I'm peace of mind, I will give it permanently"
Ms. Bich said that this money was sent to the collection. However, after the ordination, the male knew that the amount in Long's savings book gave Ms. Bich. Knowing that, Nam was very angry with her why not let me know. At that time, Ms. Bich said: "You don't let me tell me." So, men are angry, saying: "Are you two easy to accept the kindness of others?" After that, male picked up the savings book to find Long to pay. At the same time, Nam said to Long will tell Diep. But Long said: "I took any way to return him
" Long thinks that money is to help mother and work is to help Diep. But when Nam Dinh threw the book, Long shared what I did just to compensate for men. But the South said that there are things that cannot be offset by material, it is self-esteem. Because of this speech, Long took the savings book again. The resolution of the savings book, Long talked about the time of disease and sadness when men went to export labor. Long also said that he does not understand the male and he loves himself. Long asked Nam: "I still love you, right?" Male replied: "What about that? A relationship that knows in advance without results is best not to start again. " After that, male turned away but Long pulled her and hugged it. Then, male removed the old story and said: "Don't let others think I don't worry. Very hurt. " Then, men turned away from his back, leaving Long with heavy mood and male talking in the rain. Photo: VTV.Trong Review Episode 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The film "Flavor" has male and long scenes standing under the rain. Long asked men to give me more time to resume affection. However, Nam was frankly expressed: "3 years I have two love to the end. He easily changed too. "In another detail, Long stood in front of the South's door and said it would go back. Hearing the Long, Nam hamlet said: "You come back to always, just go away." But when Long said he had returned and took a lover to stay healthy, he burst into tears. In another segment, the father of the "dog" war decided to cut his hand suicide. However, he was born promptly discovered, applauding to stop the incident before it was too late. I was 89 (Part 2, Episode 18) The movie "Flavor" will broadcast at 21:00 on August 20 on channel vtv1.inh an

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