‘flavor Body’ Part 2 Episode 13 (episode 84): Ms. Bich ‘drop Hearing’ He Gave Birth, Appeared Strange Man

Diep touched the old love face, while Mrs. Bich released hearing he was born in the love of part 2 episode 13 (Episode 84). Why do you have a beautiful end? 0: 00/1: 24 Southern region in the "Flavor" Part 2 episode 13 (Episode 84), after a meal at the South House, he gave Ms. Bich home. Standing at the gate, Ms

. Bich E shame and cleverly "drop hearing", expressed it to be careful by him. "Naturally, I feel afraid of fearing. Moors but in that there are stealing, I put it on it, pressing my head and riding my neck
.. or I brought you up to the door and I go home" - Ms. Bich suggested .00: 00/01: 43 Essentials Part 2 Episode 13 The psychology of Ms. Bich, he has kept the distance and only standing at the observation gate. Because Ms. Bich Dinh opened the door to the house, discovering strange sounds and saw a shadow jumping over the wall. He rushed to pursue the shadow. Big, skillfully "stocking" Mr
Sinhdiep accidentally met again when walking. Touching the person in a dream, Diep hurriedly grabbed the hair to cover the mole. Although it was surprised by Diep's new beauty, Dung still realized: "This acquaintance, why do you avoid your face?" Although surprised before the new beauty, Dung still recognized another development, when he was born and copper The same company to the company came to Nam to eat rice, Ms. Bich always spoke about interested, taking care of her daughter's colleague. Ms. Bich also "By the way, he and the children are happy for me and grandchildren, Diep union". Hoping the Word of Mother to say, Nam still holds a cold face .Nam keeps a cold face when she raised her mother to talk about reunioning the birth of the black shadow that jumps out from Ms. Bich's house? "Taste part 2 episode 13 (Episode 84) will broadcast at 21:00 on August 13 on VTV1 channel.

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